70 cl / 23.67 oz

Reference: 5823

Saverglass Registered Design

With a striking design halfway between bottle and decanter, PEARL comprises a round cross-section, raised in a tall pyramid shape. PEARL defies appearances and develops its own unique character thanks to its carnette finish, curved lower body, and thick glass base that incorporates a thin dome. These premium details promote luminosity and subtlety while helping to enhance the finest spirits.

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GinT Rubro (Pearl)



Reference: 5823

Capacity: 70 cl / 23.67 oz

Section: Round

Version: High

Finish: Carnette

Weight: 896.00 gr / 31.60 oz

Height [A]: 259.00 mm / 10.20 in

Maxi section [B]: 117.2 mm / 4.61 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 23 mm / 0.91 in

Punt thickness: 12.00 mm / 0.47 in

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