70 cl / 23.67 oz

920 gr / 32.45 oz

Reference: 5822

Saverglass Registered Design

If there’s one spirit that we immediately associate with the pirating world, it’s rum. CAPTAIN HOOK accentuates the amber shades of these rich spirits and stands out with its perfectly balanced design. This bottle comprises a round cross-section, tapered body, generous shoulder, and an exquisitely shaped and elegant handle attached to a tapered neck. The bold flat two-tiered carnette finish mirrors the stepped punt in the middle of the base: two distinct tiers that reflect the liquid twofold. This bottle showcases many signature features of a strong, decidedly premium design.

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Reference: 5822

Capacity: 70 cl / 23.67 oz

Section: Round

Version: Mid-high

Finish: GPI 400/33

Weight: 920 gr / 32.45 oz

Height [A]: 234.40 mm / 9.23 in

Mini section [C]: 88.7 mm / 3.49 in

Maxi section [B]: 96.9 mm / 3.81 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 21,5 mm / 0.85 in

Punt thickness: 16.00 mm / 0.63 in

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