150 cl / 50.73 oz

1700 gr / 59.96 oz

Reference: 6421

Saverglass Registered Design

Subtly playing with classic styles, THE BOURGOGNE TERROIR boasts a distinct identity that fully conveys the quintessential characteristics of ‘terroir’ wines. Inspired by vintage bottles from the region, its silhouette is certainly eye-catching: a long, sleek neck for easy handling, a deep, square-shaped punt of 53 mm, distinct shoulders, and a large cylindrical body. Added to that is a large base typical of the style, literally rooting the bottle in the ground and emphasizing its connection to the vineyards.

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Our achievements

Margui (Bourgogne Terroir)

Radical Dix Huit Vielles Vignes (Bourgogne Terroir)

La Part Des Anges (Bourgogne Terroir)

Le Clos des Paupilles (Bourgogne Terroir)


Reference: 6421

Capacity: 150 cl / 50.73 oz

Section: Round

Finish: Carrée Bourgogne

Weight: 1700 gr / 59.96 oz

Height [A]: 355.90 mm / 14.01 in

Body diameter [B]: 124.80 mm / 4.91 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 18,5 mm / 0.73 in

Punt height: 58.00 mm / 2.28 in

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