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25 cl / 8.45 oz

280 gr / 9.88 oz

Reference: 3751

Saverglass Registered Design

KENDO WINE is a bold interpretation that departs from the traditional Bordeaux design, borrowing its graphic lines from the world of liquor. Its slightly curved body, taut shoulders and a flat glass base give KENDO WINE a distinctive avantgarde shape in the winemaking industry. With its innovative profile, this bottle offers potential for inventive presentation and closure, and paves the way for new consumer trends.

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Reference: 3751

Capacity: 25 cl / 8.45 oz

Section: Round

Finish: BVP 25 H 43

Weight: 280 gr / 9.88 oz

Height [A]: 216.50 mm / 8.52 in

Shoulder section [C]: 54.50 mm / 2.15 in

Base diameter [B]: 54.50 mm / 2.15 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 16,5 mm / 0.65 in

Punt thickness: 6.00 mm / 0.24 in

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