Enamel and precious metal screen-printing
Complexity of decoration - Precision of details - Palette of colors - Durability and special effects - Great brilliance and high-end appearance of precious gold and platinum decorations.

Enamel and precious
metal screen-printing

Screen-printing is a process that utilises a succession of screens to apply colors one by one.The desired artwork is reproduced precisely on the rotating bottle. It provides a definitive fixation of the enamels.


Key benefits

  • Wide range of colors
  • Highly scuff resistant
  • Variety of possible effects (gloss, matte) 
  • Compatibility with other decoration processes (frosting, coating, hot stamping etc.)


This process also allows the use of precious metals.  

Key benefits 

  • High brilliance of gold and platinum decorations
  • Very high quality of the renderings 

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