The Hercules Decanter

This decanter attracts attention with its broad, flat front and gentle curves that reflect the liquid inside the bottle. A heroic bottle that never goes unnoticed and enhances your brand's most beautiful assets. 



Saverglass pays homage to Hercules—a demi-god of Greco-Roman mythology and legendary hero famous for his strength and courage—with this bottle’s sensuous design.

The 12 challenges

Like the 12 challenges that the Roman god Hercules was tasked with, the Hercules Decanter is an amalgamation of 12 unique design features:

1- A balanced shape;

2- An athletic profile;

3- A profile with strong lines; 

4- An imposing, customizable surface; 

5- A straight-forward appeal;

6- A thick, perfectly straight glass base;

7- A curvature at the bottle’s base that reflects the product’s colors;

8- A sense of purity lent by the bottle’s delicate base;

9- A harmonious double curve present over top of the bottle; 

10- Masculine, sharp and square-angled shoulders that allude to Hercules;

11- A small, inverted pyramid placed at the top of the bottle to enhance the strength of the design;

12- A multitude of other gracious details added to the bottle that makes it stand out.

Every detail has been carefully designed from the curvature of the glass base, which magnifies the reflections of content’s; to its boldness of its front and shoulders; and the precise glass design noticeable from all angles.

Different ways to customize it include

Saverglass designed specialty Hercules decanters with the following designs: 

A silk-screened, gold shield that has notes of “satin gold” in the center and a “shiny gold” hue on the outside. 

A water-green crystal coating

A water-green crystal coating covers the decanter which has chain mesh design silk-screened on the bottle that is finished with hot silver stamping. 

Hercules decanter

Matte black, opaque coating

In this design the bottle has matte black, opaque coating—with a graphic shield that is silk screened in silver—notes with the brand’s name which is added in hot stamping.

This version is a spectacular matte black bottle with an opaque coating and a silver chest plate that is silk screened on the bottle in silver. The brand name is then hot stamped on the bottle.

Our achievements

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