Bourgogne Terroir

The Burgundy appellation bottle—inspired by older, traditional bottle designs—has a distinct silhouette.  

With its centuries-long production history, wine continues to be one of many regions’ most unique agricultural products. The Burgundy appellation bottle was designed for outstanding regional wines with unique styles. 

Wine is fruit of a multi-century tradition and is one the most authentic expressions of a region as tells a story about the lives, devotion and investments of its winemakers. The Bourgogne Terroir bottle was especially designed for these types of wines produced with passion. 

Its design

Its design is reminiscent of traditional wine bottles and is easily recognizable, as it has: 
•    A long and slender neck for easy handling
•    A deep, square-shaped punt
•    Delicately sloping shoulders
•    A large cylindrical format.

It also has an ample, round base which is shape that seem to connect it to the grapes in the vineyards.

Three different bottle neck designs

In order to best represent the winestyles of different regions, this bottle is available in three different bottle neck designs. A Burgundy, classic, square-cut look; a traditional round shape; and a double-lipped version inspired by the bottles of yesteryear.

Our achievements

Margui (Bourgogne Terroir)

Le Clos des Paupilles (Bourgogne Terroir)

Radical Dix Huit Vielles Vignes (Bourgogne Terroir)

La Part Des Anges (Bourgogne Terroir)

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