The Gin Revival

Gin, with its strong comeback, is a category where creativity flourishes. Saverglass offers brands a dynamic selection of bottle shapes and designs that stand out from the crowd.

The Gin Mania or

The strong comeback of gin

After years in the shadows, gin is back at the top of the menu.
Competition for the best recipes and most beautiful bottles is
always fierce in the cocktail world.
Aware of the necessary search for identity of the brands,
their move upmarket and the need for creation driven
by the craft phenomenon, Saverglass offers many
original bottle shapes and decoration options.

Premium Gin: A Flourishing Category

and a Super Hot Topic

This category of spirits is experiencing a huge revival thanks to the growth of cocktail culture and the worldwide popularity of gin and tonic. There is a renewed consumer appetite for high-quality, artisanal gins. Thankfully new pack of premium brands has emerged, each with its own innovative style, to meet this desire.

New generations of consumers are on the hunt for new experiences: the more unusual the better; regardless of the price.

Consumers these days are also not just buying a product, but a lifestyle itself. They want to know the details about where products are made in order to affirm that they are drinking a distinctive, quality product. The mantra for millennials today is to "drink less but better.”

As Kathleen Davies, founder of Australian craft spirit distributor Nip of Courage, told the newspaper The Australian: "The boom is driven by Generation Y [millennials]. They are the most curious consumers — they want to know who is making their gin and what ingredients are used. On social media, people are always asking us: “Why is such-and-such ingredient used and what's the best way to drink it?"

Curiosity about spirits, once mostly prevalent in the U.S., has now swept across many new markets including Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Australasia. With a growth of nearly 20% per year between 2014 and 2018, this juniper-based spirit aims to hold a market share of 6.5% in the premium spirits segment by 2023, according to drinks data analyst ISWR.

Shapes and design

When you work with Saverglass your bottle design will reflect what is truly in the bottle. With a wide variety of shapes and design options for gin bottles, there are countless ways to customize your packaging and stand out from the pack.

The "Pink Gin" Trend

Cocktails are seeing a big sales up tick based on a slew of inventive, new products. Customers want cocktails that look as good as they taste so they merit being posted on social media.

Pink is a color near and dear to millennials’ hearts. In keeping with this trend, many brands have launched strawberry-flavored pink gins in hues of fuchsia, as well as intense and pale pink. All of these new gins are bottled in striking containers. 

Barossa Distilling - PinkGin (Botanic)

Endless Shapes and Designs

Just like vodka, gin has the advantage of being produced throughout the world. The range of styles and flavors it encompasses is extensive. So custom bottle design is a great way to provide individual brands with unique ways to tell their story.  

Saverglass offers its expertise on premium packaging and value-added options to help brands establish their identity and personality, through options such as:  

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Barossa Distilling - PinkGin (Botanic)


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