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INVENT, the Signature Punt

Saverglass, innovative yet again, created INVENT, a daring concept which has shaken up the perception of premium wine bottles!
Saverglass, inspired by imagination, has created a “new signature punt”, with soft, curved and symmetrical lines and an avant-garde design, which offers a uniquely sculpted bottom to the bottle that subtly changes its lower base.
The punt structures the bottle, revealing its strong character while displaying an undeniably creative modernity.
INVENT offers two heights, one at 300 mm for the Bordeaux shape and the second at 296 mm for the Burgundy shape. Crafted with Extra-White glass, and revealing the full delicacy of the most prestigious white and rosé wines; it is illuminated by the liquid which accentuates its curves.
More subtle in the Antique green colour, the front view of the punt gently reveals a base which is delicately chiselled.
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