A memorable first year for the Furnace 13!

To celebrate the first anniversary of the "Furnace 13" at the Acatlán de Juarez plant, we invite you to (re-)discover this exceptional adventure through a video retracing the challenges met and the outcome of a construction erected in record time.



Built to meet the growing demand for high-end bottles for the wine and spirits markets in the Americas, this Furnace 13 made it possible to double the factory's production capacity. With its 7 production lines, including 5 operational from launch and 2 more in pre-implementation, this new furnace can produce up to 410 tons per day.

The Acatlán site, now operating with Furnaces 12 and 13, has 11 production lines, capable of producing up to 600 tons per day, with a target workforce of 900 employees. The total capacity therefore increases to 200,000 tons of glass per year (vs. 60,000 tons previously), an increase of 150% of the factory.

This expansion of Saverglass Mexico solidified the plant's position as the largest luxury glass bottle production site in the world. Saverglass products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world, serving more than 26,000 customers on three continents.