The Global Success of a Bottle that has Rewritten the Rules

Graham’s Tawny Port

Customer: Symington Family Estates

Brand: Graham's

Universe: Still wine

Category: Red wine

Origin: Portugal

Expertises: Glass creation and engraving

In the early 2010s, Saverglass created a bottle for the Graham's brand that transformed its standard design. The goal was to attract a younger and more international customer base. This two decade-long partnership has been massively globally successful.


The Tawny — A Less Conventional Category with Great Potential

Established in the Douro Valley, in the north of Portugal more than 350 years ago, 13 generations of the Symington family have managed the this venerable Port house. The company is a world leader in the industry and now produces more than a third of Premium Port sold worldwide.

In the early 2010s, Graham's, one of the group's brands, decided to update the packaging for its Tawny Port ranges: which include the 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-year age ranges. The company was hoping to meet new consumer expectations with a less formal design that would appeal to younger demographics and help further develop the export market. 

The challenge:

Attracting a Younger and More International Demographic

Graham's entrusted Saverglass to create the bottle. It was a sizable challenge as the customer base has radically changed over the past years:

  • Wine is now consumed around a kitchen table with friends rather than during mealtimes at home.
  • The younger and  more international customer base wants top-notch product that has traditional roots while still being modern. 

To incorporate all of these ideas into a bottle—while providing the consistency needed across the Tawny range—Saverglass and Graham's were ready to think outside the box.

The solution:

A clean design enhanced by extra-white glass

The new bottle of Graham's Tawny Port was created based on numerous discussions between Saverglass experts and Symington’s marketing teams. It stands out thanks to the sheen of the Extra-White tint of the bottle. This design is a first for Port, a region in which bottles are typically made from dark-colored, tinted glass.

The bottle embodies the brand's dynamism through various details:

  • A simple, clean design with curved lines. 
  • Engravings across the shoulders that demonstrate its position in the premium Port segment.
  • A thick glass base.
  • A rounded neck, which gives this versatile bottle extra character. 

The extreme purity of the smooth glass adds shine to the bottle and reveals the depth and complexity of the beautiful ruby and amber tones of the 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-year-old ranges of Graham's Tawny Port.

The result:

Worldwide business success

Following the international launch of the new bottle, the Graham's Tawny Port brand has seen outstanding results in Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The product was able to penetrate a new customer base that is highly invested in contemporary design and has since seen very strong sales.





"Consumer reaction has been very positive across the world. Packaging has played a very important role in the success of the product. I think this is one of the most successful projects we have undertaken," shares Paul Symington, CEO of Symington Family Estates.

Testimonial Video from Mr. Symington (CEO)

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