The Craft Spirit collection

The Craft Spirit collection is aimed at artisanal distilleries exploring traditions while focusing on their own style in the future. Three new shapes have been added to this collection.

Inspiring fashion houses, designers and creative forces from around the world, the Craft movement reflects the trends of authentic, locally sourced, scarce quality products. With the needs of both small distilleries—and larger groups in mind—the Saverglass Craft Spirit collection provides a number of design concepts that can help spirit brands differentiate themselves in this rapidly growing market. 

The Craft Spirit collection consists of 19 models, featuring three key, minimalist designs that are adaptable in terms of both their style and functionality (standard mouth measurement, diameter, height and weight, circular cross-sections, etc.):

Forty-Six – Traditional Craft

Intended for distilleries that produce “stylistically masculine,” aged spirits, Forty-Six is named after the alcohol by volume in Bourbon. It has a traditional, conical shape, with a cork finish reminiscent of aged grain spirits and is brought into the modern era with the help of its shoulder, the round, soft neck contouring and, above all, an astonishing semi-circular punt. The transparent Extra White glass highlights this bottle’s generous shoulder, showcasing its round base and conical shape. Its mid-size profile and wide open surfaces make it easy to customise. Forty-Six is especially suited to whiskies and rums, but also works with other types of spirits.


Islay – Timeless Craft

For distilleries searching for a minimalist shape that will stand the test of time, Islay is the perfect container. It has a rounded shape; with a thick, super-premium glass and a tapered shape and generous shoulders that are evocative of our highly regarded Oslo range. 

Distil'er – New Craft

Distil’er is a perfect partner for craft distillers who are on the hunt for a striking bottle. Inspired by apothecary bottles of a bygone era, this bottle is disconcertingly clean and modern. Its perfectly cylindrical shape allows labels and customised designs to be applied with ease, while its rounded and square shoulders echo its distinctive punt. Its balanced weight and variety of finishes are also great features which make the Distil’er a bottle a catch.

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