70 cl / 23.67 oz

782 gr / 27.58 oz

Reference: 5815

Saverglass Registered Design

A small, discreet bottle in appearance and designed as a container for strong liqueurs, you’re in for a surprise with DYNAMITE. Nothing is left to chance for this short bottle with a mature personality. Its round cross-section provides the perfect backdrop for customization. DYNAMITE also stands out with its glass base that is accentuated by a cutaway and a short and straight neck, crowned by a bold carnette finish and standing atop a shoulder that slants away from the neck before leveling out. All these strong and distinctive features add to the creation of this explosive cocktail!

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Aurora (Dynamite)

Bacchus Septuaginta (Dynamite)

Ornabrak Gin (Dynamite)


Reference: 5815

Capacity: 70 cl / 23.67 oz

Section: Round

Version: Low

Finish: Carnette

Weight: 782 gr / 27.58 oz

Height [A]: 209.80 mm / 8.26 in

Maxi section [B]: 91.1 mm / 3.59 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 21,5 mm / 0.85 in

Punt thickness: 16.00 mm / 0.63 in

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