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75 cl / 25.36 oz

Reference: 6743

More refined, even lighter and more slender, ALTO is not afraid to be the best! Its distinctive silhouette has an ultra-sharp look and stands out because
of its hybrid style, not fully hock or Burgundy. But beyond being lighter than a feather (only 560 g), ALTO boasts another advantage thanks to its amazing flat base. This special feature—which sets it apart from bottles with a punt—is a great canvas for precious engravings with "couture" accents. With patterns that evoke luxurious diamonds, the Precious Mosaic model scatters beautiful bursts of light throughout the bottle.

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Reference: 6743

Capacity: 75 cl / 25.36 oz

Section: Round

Finish: Plate FA Vinolok

Weight: 560.00 gr / 19.75 oz

Height [A]: 317.00 mm / 12.48 in

Base diameter [B]: 92.10 mm / 3.63 in

Body diameter [B]: 86.60 mm / 3.41 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 18,5 mm / 0.73 in

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