25.36 oz / 75 cl

Reference: 3618

Saverglass Registered Design

The ATLAS Stelvin bottle is the most distinguished and contemporary design of the range with the widely used screw finish, «BVS 30 H 60». The bottle has an attractive balanced and streamlined silhouette, a flowing shoulder and a very spirited lower-body radius. All these details give it a character imbued with pure elegance, practicality and modernity.

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Reference: 3618

Capacity: 25.36 oz / 75 cl

Section: Round

Finish: BVS 30 H 60

Weight: 820.00 gr / 28.92 oz

Height [A]: 310.00 mm / 12.20 in

Body diameter [B]: 89.00 mm / 3.50 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 0.67 in / 19 mm

Punt height: 35.00 mm / 1.38 in

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