75 cl / 25.36 oz

1200 gr / 42.33 oz

Reference: 5020

Saverglass Registered Design

Inspired by the Bordelaise, CONSTANCE SUPERBIA seduces with its graceful silhouette. Its slightly tapered shape coupled with a strong shoulder produce a bottle with a generous and statuesque elegance. But it is the deep punt that places it definitively in the category of “different class” and unique flasks, created to enhance its precious content, CONSTANCE SUPERBIA is the fruit of an entire year’s design work.

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Reference: 5020

Capacity: 75 cl / 25.36 oz

Section: Round

Finish: Plate FA

Weight: 1200 gr / 42.33 oz

Height [A]: 333.60 mm / 13.13 in

Shoulder section [C]: 88.90 mm / 3.50 in

Base diameter [B]: 73.30 mm / 2.89 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 18,5 mm / 0.73 in

Punt height: 50.00 mm / 1.97 in

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