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75 cl / 25.36 oz

651 gr / 22.96 oz

Reference: 5786

Saverglass Registered Design

The INSOLENCE bottle features robustness with a fluid, vivacious and inventive silhouette. The strong character of this line is emphasized by its unique inverted conical shape and its original squared punt that makes it stand out amongst all other forms. The impertinent, audacious and resolutely modern design of INSOLENCE impresses through its unusual elegance and distinctive style.

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O Rosé Camargue (Insolence)



Reference: 5786

Capacity: 75 cl / 25.36 oz

Section: Round

Finish: PLATE FA Ht 22 Vinolok

Weight: 651 gr / 22.96 oz

Height [A]: 328.00 mm / 12.91 in

Shoulder section [C]: 68.60 mm / 2.70 in

Base diameter [B]: 80.00 mm / 3.15 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 18,5 mm / 0.73 in

Punt height: 25.00 mm / 0.98 in

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