Quality Control

Decoration Quality Controller

An uncompromising look at quality

The quality of decoration is one of the key factors that make the “Saverglass difference”. The Group’s haute couture spirit is shown in the excellence of the artistic and technical perfection of the finished product. Responsible for the entire production line, the decoration quality controller is the last link in the quality chain and makes the final checks on the product before delivery to the client: an uncompromising look at the tints, the smallest graphic details, the label and even the packaging.

The spirit of decision-making

The decoration quality controller is responsible for rejecting or accepting a batch according to specific and rigorous specifications sheets. It is a significant responsibility that demands quick decision-making as well as a sense of teamwork, and an ability to enter into a dialog with the entire decoration workforce to immediately resolve any production quality defects.


  • Vocational training, CAP (Certified Authorization Professional) or BEP (Certificate of Vocational Proficiency)
  • In-house training
  • Shift work

Quality Auditor

Quality is a commitment

The trust of clients is based on a promise that cannot be broken: quality. The rigor of the quality auditing is a key factor in this commitment. This is why the Group’s quality auditors carry out several thousand audits every year: systematic audits of new products, horizontal audits (control of on-going production of each line), and process audits twice a year.

A common “client-oriented culture”

While the auditor checks a pallet according to specific sampling regulations, they are looking at production from the viewpoint of our clients. Whenever a problem is identified, they conduct an analysis to define the corrective action, in close cooperation with those responsible for production. The auditor works in partnership with the production teams who also share this same “client-oriented culture”.


  • Education to Baccalaureate level
  • In-house training
  • Professional experience in the field of quality control


Thierry Boury - Laboratory Monitor

For how long have you been doing this job? I have been a laboratory monitor for 3 years.

Why do you like this job? This role attracted me because it allows me to acquire a new skill and to be able to progress within a company with diverse jobs.

What made you want to join Saverglass? I visited the factory when I was a child and it made an immediate impression on me. I have also discovered a great team spirit here.


Stéphane Marin - Sounder

For how long have you been doing this job? I have held the role of sounder for around 15 years.

Why do you like this job? After having worked on the bottles, I then specialized in perfumery because it allowed me to discover a new manufacturing process. What I like the most is being responsible for a line, managing the employees and being in charge of high-quality work at the service of the client.

What made you want to join Saverglass? I wanted to work and Saverglass gave me the opportunity to have a career.


Frédéric Gongora - Quality Auditor

For how long have you been doing this job? I started as a quality auditor in 2007.

Why do you like this job? I was attracted by the job security and the environment, naturally. This job fits perfectly with my personal convictions.

What made you want to join Saverglass? After working seasonal contracts during my studies, I had the opportunity to join this fast-growing company and to grow and develop here until I took this post.


Françoise Léger - Decoration quality controller

For how long have you been doing this job? I have been in decoration production for 14 years.

Why do you like this job? I started as an operative and very quickly had the opportunity to become a controller. I like my job very much. I make sure that all the products that are sent to clients are compliant.

What made you want to join Saverglass? Saverglass is an enthusiastic and fast-growing group, which gives real opportunities for development.