In the time of the Merveilleuses (Marvellous women), the Parisian aristocratic subculture from the French Directory in the late 18th Century, elegance is nothing without a hint of indifference. The Merveilleuse concept takes inspiration from this post-revolutionary period to break free from the classic codes of the Bordeaux model and create a truly out-of-the-ordinary bottle.

The Merveilleuse Collection also aims to respond to the desire of brands to differentiate themselves in the world of wine, in search of a high-end positioning.

Bourgogne Merveilleuse: gourmet temptation

A homage to the Merveilleuses—the free and extravagant women from a decadent Parisian upbringing at the time of the French Directory, the Bourgogne MERVEILLEUSE possesses voluptuous curves that catch everyone's eye. A legacy of traditional shapes is combined with a creative, unique design, resulting in a completely reimagined silhouette. And the result is absolutely irresistible: Modest in size (242.5 mm), the Bourgogne MERVEILLEUSE is one of a kind due to its exceptionally rounded shoulder, a marked taper, a slender neck and a small round punt. Designed to hold all sorts of marvellous wines, this curved bottle evokes the delight of an irresistible sweetness.

And, since gourmet food is limitless, Bourgogne MERVEILLEUSE is also available in 150 cl format.

Bourgogne Merveilleuse

Merveilleuse Bourgogne

Bordelaise Merveilleuse: an irresistible charm

Standing at just 237 mm, with a divinely curved shoulder, a marked taper and a small round punt, Bordeaux MERVEILLEUSE is a feast for the eyes and promises a sensational taste! This bold bottle design will complement any marvellous wine looking for a vessel to reflect their sensory masterpiece.

This nod to the extravagance of the Merveilleuses can even be found in formats up to 150 cl — a generous size but ever sophisticated.

Bordelaise Merveilleuse

Merveilleuse Bordelaise

Merveilleuse brochure

Catalogue merveilleuse

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