An Instantly Recognizable, Innovative Bottle

Puech-Haut Rosé

Customer: Château Puech Haut

Brand: Puech Haut

Universe: Still wine

Category: Rosé wine

Origin: France

Expertises: Packaging design and decoration

Thanks to the DUO bottle's innovative design, Château Puech-Haut has positioned itself as a key player in the high-end rosé wine segment. With sales that have doubled, this well-known estate is now competing against the top rosé producers in Provence.

The Background:

Somewhere Between Tradition, History and Innovation

The story of Château Puech-Haut is really that of its owner Mr. Gérard Bru. Starting out with a tract of virgin land, this former industrialist established a vineyard that--25 years after the launch of its first wines—has become a benchmark in the Languedoc and a major name in rosé. 

During the reconstruction of his residence, at the heart of the estate, he discovered an ornamental stone ram's head from a 12th Century chapel which became the emblem of the château's iconic cuvées. 

According to Bru, "Innovation is in the estate's DNA." He is always on the lookout for new ideas for his premium cuvées. So, when Saverglass launched the new DUO bottle in 2016, our sales manager contacted Bru immediately, knowing that this innovative wine-bottle design would be of interest. A collaboration was quickly formed and Château Puech-Haut has been a loyal Saverglass customer since 2011. 

The Challenge:

Use Avant-Garde Packaging to Further the Brand Premiumization

Puech-Haut has always been ahead of the curve. It was the first estate to use a delicate frosted finish, created by Saverglass, and to adopt a Vinolok closure.

When Saverglass presented its DUO bottle to Bru, Puech-Haut decided to reinvent the look of its Argali rosé cuvée: the estate's signature wine. This bottle is unique and avant-garde, with an original simplicity that is perfect for brand's premiumization strategy.

The Solution:

Sleek and Sophisticated Decoration

Bru was instantly charmed by the DUO model, which he adopted for his Argali rosé in 2017 and for which he has obtained exclusive rights in the French market.

DUO's sleek and sophisticated design are what sets it apart: the ram's head emblem and the brand name are the only things silk screened on the frosted surface of this bottle with sloping shoulders. Variations using colored ink screen priting processes were then developed, a Vinolok glass stopper was added and this sophisticated packaging was complete.

The Result:

Sales Have Doubled!

The new packaging has been such a success for Puech-Haut that sales have doubled and Exports have even received a boost. 

Before long, the brand sought to capitalize on this success:

1- 150 cl and 300 cl sizes have joined the 750 Ml bottle lineup.

2- DUO is being used for the "Argali" cuvées, which take their name from an enormous Asian ram. Available in both red and white, these IGP Hérault wines have a modern flavor profile, in keeping with their innovative packaging.

3- A series of limited editions have been launched which include:

  • A colorful version of Puech-Haut Prestige which retains its pared-back character. The ink screen printing of the brand's signature ram will soon be available in blue, pink, orange and yellow for a splash of springtime freshness. "This is a limited edition, exclusively for May through July".
  • A frosted bottle, mainly for large-format bottles such as jeroboams and magnums, for an extra-special celebration.

The bottle shape has become such an asset for the Puech-Haut brand that Bru is already thinking about creating new versions!






"I place a high value on aesthetics. DUO is a marvelous bottle! It's original and understated. If there's a Puech-Haut bottle on a table, even if it's 30 feet away, you'll notice it immediately. It truly couldn't be mistaken for anything else."
Gérard Bru.



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