The Solstice Collection

The Solstice Collection is aimed at wineries focused on organic and biodynamic viticulture looking for the most consistent approach by adopting a shape specifically designed for organic and natural wines. With its Solstice Waxing Moon and Solstice Waxing Moon models, Saverglass offers ideal containers for wines produced with respect for the vine’s natural habitat. 

Ancestral viticultural traditions

In France, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon and Switzerland, many organic winemakers—as well as conventional ones—have returned to the winegrowing traditions dating back to the Roman empire. 

At that time, wine was kept in clay amphorae called “talhas.” Terracotta is a highly inert material that does not impart its flavor to the wine. Unlike wood, it preserves the pure notes of the fruit. 

These producers, particularly in the Alentejo region of Portugal, have become aware of the value of vinification in amphora, which is intrinsically a natural process that produces fruity wines capable of aging.

Solstice Lune Montante & Solstice Lune Descendante

Specifically designed for winemakers who are seeking an authentic and natural product, the Saverglass Solstice Collection gives them a unique bottle shape that reimagines the amphora.

The bottle’s elegant, curvaceous body is coupled with a long, tapered neck and a truncated edge along its lower section. Its small, round semi-circular punt, measuring 21 mm inches deep, evokes the image of a quarter moon.

Beyond this modern aesthetic, Solstice also incorporates a technical design element—similar to decanters—so the bottle’s slender neck combined with its egg-shaped body help to effectively aerate the wine.

The Solstice Collection is based on two models: Solstice Waxing Moon and Solstice Waxing Moon. These bottles are available in 75 cl, ml in Extra White glass or Antique tint, with two types of finish – “plate FA” or “Cordon Wine.” The Solstice Collection will benefit the Dolia Collection. 

Solstice Collection Brochure

Discover our Solstice Collection brochure and its two original shapes.

Dolia Collection

Discover our Dolia Collection, composed of designs whose lines are inspired by the exquisitely feminine form of an amphora, flaunting elegant curves that are sure to seduce all lovers of authentic wines and wines of character.

Our achievements

L'Hote Antique - Solstice Lune Montante

Patenôtre (Solstice Lune Descendante)

Domaine de la Cadenière (Solstice Lune Montante)

Oh! (Solstice Lune Montante)

Oh! (Solstice Lune Montante)

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