The Wanted Collection: Saverglass’ Bandit Line

The "Wanted, the Bandit Craft line" collection evokes the world of pirates and outlaws. It is designed to appeal to craft distillers with rebellious brands looking for premium designs that break the mold.

For its Bandit Wanted collection, Saverglass was inspired by tall tales of pirates and outlaws to create an original collection inspired by their worlds: 

  • Pirate: The Treasure Craft Line, focused on a rowdy life lived in the Caribbean. 
  • Outlaw: The Wild West Craft Line, influenced by outlaws of the American West. 


Legendary Bandits 

Whether they're sailing the Caribbean Sea or roaming the plains of the American West, these outlaws’ lives are fodder that inspires creative new bottles designs for rum and American whiskey

The Wanted Bandit Line features 13 sophisticated designs and four new bottles:


Evoking the golden age of pirates in the Caribbean, this bottle has a round and thick, bell-shaped form. Its tall, flared neck allows for easy handling. It is topped with a broad finish and finished with a flat punt that adds gravitas to its heavy glass base. 


If there’s one spirit immediately associated with a pirate’s world, it's rum. The CAPTAIN HOOK bottle is designed to accentuate the subtle brown hues of this spirit. This round and conical bottle has a sloping shoulders and an elegant handle on its neck. Its flat, two-tiered lip mirrors the facet-cut punt, both of which help to reflect the bottle’s contents. 


This hybrid design blends a decanter style with the flask of the pirate world, PEARL is a tall, eye-catching bottle with a flat lip. Its conical, beaker-like shape is an elegant and fluid design. Its heavy, curved glass base serves to reflect the bottle’s contents.


Given its compact look, you are in for a surprise with DYNAMITE. Nothing is left to chance with this short bottle with a big personality. Its round exterior provides space for your logos and custom designs. Its short neck is topped with a bold finish (carnette finish) and its flat shoulders lead down to highly magnified facet-cut base. 

Brochure Wanted collection, The Bandit Craft Line

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