POP Collection: The sound of sustainability

Never before have the planet and its protection featured so prominently in consumer concerns. It is clear that environmental issues are at the heart of the debate, supported by warnings from scientists that cannot be ignored. 

Today, consumers want to consume less but better. In fact, the “less is more” movement is now reflected by the RRR trend: reduce, reuse, recycle. Many brands are starting to think about how they can be more responsible, too. 

At Saverglass, we produce glass packaging that can be infinitely recycled. This year, we are going one step further and launching “POP” by Saverglass. This collection of bottles is intended for spirits with a strong identity and its characteristics are based on strong designs, mechanical capping, and the ability to be reused after their first life. Reusing our decanters and bottles naturally seemed a key point in enabling us to adopt an increasingly responsible approach. 

The POP collection consists of three designs taken from our catalog which we have remodeled so that they can be capped with mechanical stoppers. In this respect, the FORTY-SIX range offers an extra tall finish for mechanical stoppers, while the BOTANIC and DIAMOND ranges are both designed with a small hole in their necks for inserting the mechanical stopper. 

Give your bottles a second life with the POP collection! 


FORTY-SIX is a flagship model of the collection. It is characterized by its generous shoulder, taper, distinctive punt, and soft rounded bulb. In its mechanical version, FORTY-SIX MECANIQUE is the perfect alternative for an even more authentic and finely crafted product. 

Its extra tall finish, designed for a mechanical stopper, enhances its striking look. In addition to the stunning esthetic aspect, this capping system allows consumers to reuse the bottle, an asset that should not be underestimated.



BOTANIC still has some surprises up its sleeve. With its strong character, this bottle has reinvented itself to provide the option of being topped with a mechanical stopper. 

Indeed, the lines of BOTANIC MECANIQUE are inspired by the original bottle, symbolized by its low shape, characteristic shoulders, conical neck, and punt; features for which the bottle is renowned. Its bold carnette finish is now processed at two levels to give it even more personality. Finally, its neck ensures the stopper can be perfectly positioned. 

This 560 gram bottle offers a capping system that allows consumers to reuse it. This is one of the most eco-friendly models in our product range.



DIAMOND is characterized by its square geometry, curved shoulders, and tapered base. The model has this time reinvented itself by offering a mechanical version: a clever capping system in the form of a mechanical stopper. 

The stopper is fitted at the neck level of DIAMOND MECANIQUE before being crowned by its finish at its top. 

This capping system offers an alternative to “conventional” capping using cork or screw stoppers. 

It also offers consumers the opportunity to reuse the bottle, giving it a second life. 


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