The SUPREME decanter

Imagination meets know-how: the SUPREME decanter embodies an "ideal of glass".
A tribute to the expertise and tenacity of Saverglass' master glassmakers, this new object of desire testifies to their passion for perfection.


Contrasting lines

Juxtaposing strength and subtlety, the duality of the SUPREME decanter's geometric shapes is captivating.
Solemnly constructed on a solid glass pedestal, its charismatic silhouette consists of four square sides whose rounded edges surprise you by contrasting the power of the straight lines with the gentleness of the curves. 
The SUPREME is also a game of mirrors - an unusual construction of four astonishingly lustrous sides that appear to join together and oppose one another at the same time.

The Supreme: a remarkable technical feat

A statutory weight, majestic columns of glass and a faultless distribution of glass: emblematic attributes of the creations valued by Saverglass. A signature piece, its four perfectly flat sides are magnified by a polishing method that brings out the purity and radiance of the surface of the glass.  


The Supreme: an exceptional hallmark

The SUPREME bears the stamp of ultimate luxury and affirms its difference through an elegant round and regular punt, nestled at the heart of the thick glass foot. Like the rays of the sun on water, the punt endows the elixir that it protects with a particular sparkle. 

The Supreme: a decanter filled with emotions

A precious object, the SUPREME will enhance aged brown spirits such as whisky, cognac, bourbon, tequila and amber rum. Thanks to its generous, epicurean character, the Supreme will become the preferred vessel of these exquisite spirits, the tasting of which leaves behind intangible memories.

The Supreme brochure

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