The Insolence bottle

Insolence from Saverglass is a bottle that is at home in both the wine sector—where it stands out thanks to its bold design—as well as in the spirits sector thanks to its minimalist and elegant silhouette. 

Saverglass designed Insolence, an elegant bottle with an inverted conical shape. The unique design can be best seen through the symmetry between its shoulder and its base. In addition, its unique square punt sets it apart from all other bottle shapes. Insolence proudly displays a modern, versatile and streamlined design. 

Insolence: still wines

Insolence’s design represents a major break with previous generic bottle silhouettes based on Bordeaux, Burgundy or sparkling wine bottles. Its quirky and impertinent design offers a new bottle shape for the wine sector.



The strong character of this model is emphasized by its two original finishes: the flat plate FA finish and the 22 mm plate FA finish. 

Insolence is available for wine in two sizes, 750 ml and 1500 ml, in Extra White flint glass and in Antique color.

Insolence Spirit: Spirits

On the heels of its success in the wine market, Insolence has been transformed for spirits market with the name Insolence Spirit. Its design is similar to the original range with a shoulder that is symmetrical to its punt, a long neck, substantial body height and an inverted conical body. The extra-high 0.86 inches finish also adds to its elegance. 

Insolence Spirit is ideal for brands that want to be displayed in bars. Its long neck is convenient for bartenders and its standard diameter means it can slot easily into bar displays. 

With its sleek lines, it is suitable for all types of spirits, both white and aged, and offers endless potential for customization, including frosting, ink screen printing, coating, metallisation,etc.). 

Insolence Spirit is available in two formats, 700 ml and 750 ml.

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