Zebra & Duomo: Shapes Enhanced by Engraving

The Zebra & Duomo models are aimed at estates looking for ever-more sophisticated bottles, where etched designs reinforce the already assertive character of the Bourgogne Vin Grand Cru and Bordelaise Icon bottles. With its Vin Grand Cru Zebra and Icon Duomo models, Saverglass offers an ideal container for limited series or special cuvées that will catch the eye of consumers, either on the shelves or at the best restaurants.


The Art of Engraving

Originally from the world of perfumery, a forerunner in the use of etching to enhance silhouettes, this technique in now an essential part of premiumizing bottles for spirits and wines, to make them even more sophisticated.

Perfectly mastered by Saverglass, engraving allows extremely precise, fine and delicate ornaments to be created, with well-defined contours beautifully carved in the glass.

Engraving is skillfully applied on the Bordelaise and Burgundy shapes, which are an iconic part of the Saverglass wine collection, completely transforming them by delicately chiseling ridged patterns into the glass.

Saverglass has also created new variations that are enhanced by engraving. These offer customizations that bring the design and characteristics of the bottles to the next level and emphasize the elegance and personality of each model.

These innovations in the world of wine make it possible to offer:

  • A new, revisited design with a strong character.
  • An ideal version for a limited series that complements existing models.


VIN GRAND CRU ZEBRA 75 CL – the boldness of chic stripes

Designed from a brilliant stylistic experiment, VIN GRAND CRU ZEBRA bursts onto the scene as an elegant contrast to traditional bottles. The bottle has a sturdy body, with a long, elegant neck further elongated by its low shoulders, proving its irresistible boldness through fine vertical engravings. These chic, slim stripes adorn the bottle from the shoulders to the lower neck, transforming the classic container into a truly curious piece. The lower section remains smooth, a canvas for all types of customisation.

Antique green colour variation

For more daring, the bottle is also available in an antique green colour to address the red wine categories.

ICON DUOMO 75 CL – A lesson in style... the Italian way.

Whilst the Bordelaise ICON is admired for its almost aristocratic elegance, this new variant - which masterfully and faithfully reinvents the Bordeaux style - is irresistible.

DUOMO - its name suggestive of the flamboyant domes of the Italian Renaissance reawakens traditional lines with shoulders adorned with a magnificent set of horizontal stripes. This elegant vision is in contrast to the simplicity of the bottle's body, perfectly suited for customising with decorations or a label.

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