If freedom were a fragrance, it would be an elaborate composition of vitamin-rich fruits, refreshing aromatic herbs and nostalgic spices, just like the alcohol-free cocktails that are shaking up the world of mixology. Also known as "mocktails" or "virgin cocktails" these new spirit-free concoctions are far from flavorless. Fruity, colorful and cheery, they quench a thirst for simple, authentic pleasures, diluting the superfluous, as is the healthy trend. Inspired by this wave of alternative thinking, the FREE SPIRIT collection exudes a refreshing breath of fresh air. Three shapes, delicate and full of zing, to re-enchant a gustatory, sensory and celebratory universe. First thought up for the «Noand Low-alcohol» category, this minimalist collection will also delight spirit-lovers. More elaborate than they might look, these new bottles with an inverted conical shape are sure to impress!


Lightweight, SUMMER CHIC is captivating for its unusual, vibrant and majestic look. The soft purity of its lines and the strength of its elegant yet discreet charm give it a unique and immediately identifiable presence. SUMMER CHIC will enhance all your spirits, from the simplest to the most prestigious. Its ceremonious shape, the subtlety of its punt and the finesse of its carnette finish allow for truly unique customization.


Gorgeous and dazzling, the ICONIC SPRING bottle stands out for its soft contours. It features a minimalist, subdued, rounded design and a stylish neck, topped with a small, vibrant carnette finish. Light as a feather, it has a flat and discreet punt, which is, after all, the charm of Saverglass. Its inverted conical body offers an infinite array of variation. A bottle full of promises — a future must!


Perfectly balanced, the slightly curved contours of the TSAR bottle allude to the papakha, the famous headwear worn in the former Russian Empire. The TSAR’s compact design proudly features a refined, functional and harmonious style. With a timeless inverted conical design container and short neck, it is also available as a 50 cl bottle. A pure, compelling and ideal shape for customization, it is an attractive choice for all kinds of spirits.

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