luxury glassmaker

MASTER GLASSMAKER: virtuosity, mastery of the material and creativity

AN EXCEPTIONAL HERITAGE and unique expertise

From an intense yellow, glowing the color of saffron, a melted gob of incandescent glass glides delicately to be blown and molded. We are at the crossroads of Normandy and Picardy, in the Bresle valley, renamed in the 15th century “Glass Valley”*. Here, for more than a century, a village grew, lived and expanded into the world thanks to the unique expertise of master glassmakers that has been passed down for generations.

Driven by the passion and love for this exceptional material, these elite glassmakers have been able to acquire and pass on their knowledge from generation to generation, as technology advances and creativity expands.



Glass is a living material, where the production of identical objects is not always achieved. Shaping puts this non-stabilized material under significant pressure, which may cause occasional imperfections throughout the manufacturing process. And yet, it is this same magical, fiery and temperamental material that the people at SAVERGLASS have perfectly mastered thanks to their exceptional knowledge.
It’s a hot job handling molten glass. Held by the molds, the glassmakers carefully watch over the melted gob and monitor it throughout the manufacturing process to transform it into a single bottle. It is a fascinating process, carried out by glass technicians who skillfully combine precision and virtuosity to guarantee identical bottles free of any imperfections. A strict quality control follows, certifying standardized production, guaranteed quality and customer satisfaction.
* The most important center in the world for luxury bottles, “glass valley” is the source of 75% of the global production of high-end flasks and bottles for perfume, wines and spirits or pharmaceuticals. Situated on the border between Upper Normandy and Picardy, Glass Valley brings together 65 companies and employs more than 7,000 skilled workers.
This network and traditional glassmaking expertise, unique in the world, enables it to offer the biggest names in perfumes, cosmetics and spirits a global expertise that is found in the tradition and sophistication and luxury of “made in France”.