The Avant Garde Collection

The Avant Garde Collection is aimed at new consumers looking for luxury packaging. With bottles designed to be translucent, quirky and innovative; Saverglass is offering packaging inspired by the world of spirits which might may differ in some respects with traditional wine packaging.

As consumers seek out contemporary, sleek and luxurious styles, they continue to show a growing interest in packaging. Because of this, Saverglass has created the Avant Garde Collection, which differs from traditional wine bottle design and allows spirits producers to create unique products.

The line centers around three key models, all of which are available in the 750-ml. format, in transparent? Extra White glass or classic green:


Borrowing its distinctive lines from the world of spirits, Aïkido boldly revisits the style of the best-selling Kendo Wine. With its semi-conical body, this bottle’s slanted shoulders’ come to rest on a flat ridge at the top of the bottle. The rounded shape of the bottle is emphasized by its truncated edge that finishes with a pointed, glass punt. With its slightly conical body and sloping shoulders that flow out to a round and flat base, a truncated edge at the bottle base and a punt in pointed glass, Aïkido is a new avant-garde design benchmark for the world of wines. 

Aikido model in extra-white flint glass filled with White wine

Kendo Wine

Making use of a bold riff on the Bordeaux bottle, Kendo Wine borrows its graphic lines from the world of spirits. Its slightly curved body, sharp shoulders and a flat glass base create an avant-garde silhouette.
With its innovative profile, this bottle offers various designs and closure options that pave the way for new trends. In addition to the classic 750-ml. format, it is available in 25 cl (pls use ml.)and also offers a modern, screw-top version.

Antique glass Kendo Wine model

Feng Wine

The shape of the Feng Wine has a functional aesthetic that is more in keeping with its intended use for wines. Its more conventional proportions and vibrant design—with slanted shoulders, a cylindrical body and square punt—place the bottle firmly in the wine world. 

Extra-white flint glass Feng Wine model filled with Rosé wine

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