The Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection features exceptional bottles that emphasize the elegance of great wine. It was designed for Grand Cru offerings and showcases bottles with striking, chiseled silhouettes with glass weights that range from 33.51 to 42.32 oz.

The « Aristocrats »

An imposing silhouette with noble allure  

With heavy bottle weights and deep punts, the “Aristocrats” line is a modern line that is inspired by the past.  

Hermès is powerful and elegant

charismatic and imposing, the Bordelaise Hermès enchants with its classic beauty and elegantly balanced proportions. With a glass weight of 35.27 oz, it features curved shoulder and a deep punt.

Mercure: opulence personified

Like Hermès, the Bordelaise Mercure has a sloped shoulder and a deep punt, as well as an exceptionally heavy bottle weight (at 42.32 oz), all of which make it  ideal for prestigious vintages.

Aleka: sovereign grace

The majestic silhouette of Aleka is the result of its conical shape and exceptional weight of 42.32 oz. It also has a luxuriously deep punt and sleek stature, at the height of 12.82 inches.

La Baronne: aristocratic allure

A faithful replica of Burgundy bottles from times gone by, La Baronne displays its lofty lineage with designer notes like a diva-like impressive punt that clocks in at 2.75 high inches and asymmetrical shoulders. The bottle’s overall 33.51 oz weight all contribute to the model’s unique, old fashioned character.

The “Extravagantes” - Vino Santo – the divine spark

The “Extravagantes”

The “Extravagantes” line is contemporary. The bottle weight gives it a noble feel and also influences the bottle’s dimensions: the heavier it is, the larger, wider and more visibly luxurious it becomes.

Vino Santo – the divine spark

With its glass weight of 42.32 oz and its robust silhouette, the pure design of the Bordelaise Vino Santo is both modern and refined. Its sleek lines, cylindrical base and an imposing design mounted on a short neck with a unique finish are all distinctive features.

Constance Superbia: a voluptuous silhouette

With its Bordelaise inspiration, Constance Superbia seductively combines a tapered shape with an abundant shoulder make for a statuesque bottle. Its deep punt enhances its precious contents.

Grand Apparat: a truly exceptional bottle

With its 42.32 glass oz weight, a solid, earthy shape and a cylindrical body with a square profile and a deep punt, the Bordelaise Grand Apparat respectfully alludes to the winemakers and the estates where the wines in this bottle are produced.

La Divine, a model that meets high standards

Created to feature the poise and elegance of the finest wines, La Divine captivates with its proud bearing and a design that blends strength and elegance.
This model has it all: exceptional height for its category (12.16 inches), a high glass weight (35.45 oz) and a close to record-breaking punt that measures (2.36 in).

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