The Speakeasy Collection: The Secret Craft Line

The Speakeasy Collection, The Secret Craft Line, is aimed at secret bars or so-called “speakeasies,” that were inspired by the clandestine bars that flourished in the United States during Prohibition. These hideaways are offering refined premium cocktails. 

Made up of 24 different bottles and decanters, Speakeasy: The Secret Craft Line consists of four major bottle designs: 

  • The Clandestine Factory, which features a more traditional and masculine shape.
  • The Apothecary Shop’s design is inspired by the era’s apothecaries.
  • The Euphoric Bar, is an iconic and timeless bottle.
  • The Gatsby House design features sophisticated details and Art Deco accents.


A bit of history:

In the 1920s, during the era of Prohibition in the United States, the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol was illegal. This ban was sidestepped by bootleggers (smugglers) who continued to distil spirits illegally. Whiskey, gin, rum and vodka were consumed in underground bars where patrons had to speak softly in order not to be overheard: which became known as Speakeasies. 

Almost a century later, a handful of bars in New York revived the idea of these secret bars. Their success kick-started the global phenomenon of hidden bars, only discoverable by word of mouth through the buzz of those in the business who know about them. 
One year after the release of its Craft Collection, for artisanal distilleries, Saverglass is at the forefront of paying tribute to the 1920s with the creation of Speakeasy, The Secret Craft Line. The collection is made up of three original designs: 


At first glance, Botanic’s design seduces with its bold design, this bottle reimagines the shapes of yesteryear, with a distinctive modern twist. It has a low, cylindrical shape with wide diameter that leads to a slightly conical neck and a round, protruding lip (carnette finish). Its most unique feature is its sensually curved punt that captures the light.



Classic, statuesque and timeless, the Oslo Apothek model from the Oslo line is a new take on traditional, yet elegant apothecary bottles. Its slender body, enhanced by a thick glass base, and its high neck topped with a wide, round finish (carnette finish) make it stand out in the high-end spirits market.



The Mixologist design borrows from the designs of traditional apothecary bottles, radically reimagining them to create a modern takes on them. This model sets itself apart with its short, cylindrical medicinal shape and slightly tapered shoulders. It has a large, round punt that is flat at the top—and echoes the curves of the bottles –and a wide neck that is topped with a bold, round finish (carnette finish).


Discover our Speakeasy, The Secret Craft Line brochure

Discover our Speakeasy, The Secret Craft Line brochure [Speakeasy, The Craft Secret Line brochure] and other bottles in the collection. 


Speakeasy, The Craft Secret Line brochure

Our achievements

Legent (Oslo Apothek)

Hapusa Himalayan (Mixologist)

Mirabeau (Botanic)

Mayhaven (Botanic)

Barossa Distilling - PinkGin (Botanic)

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