The Eclat Collection

Saverglass has created the Bordelaise Eclat concept, a range of six original punt shapes with which the bottle’s radiance is enhanced by unique and radiant punt designs. 

The Eclat Bordelaise

The Bordelaise Eclat range shows off wines and high-end cuvées through six unique designs that make the most of the clarity and brilliance of Saverglass’ Extra White glass. All of these six bottles reveal the subtle, refined colors of white and rosé wines. 

A sleek silhouette gives the Bordelaise Eclat 750 ml an understated elegance. With a long, slim neck, it features a height of 320 mm, plump shoulders with a slight taper.

It stands out thanks to its square punt with that is etched to enhance the sparkling brilliance of the Extra White glass from Saverglass.

Discover the different Bordelaise Eclat models through these different punt versions: 

Star Shining 750 ml

A shining star is the design of the punt.

Constellation 750 ml, 1.50L & 3L

This range is available in the three 750 ml, 1.5L and 3L formats and features a cluster of squares that cover the punt, creating its own constellation. 

Moon Rising 750 ml & 1.5L

This punt is cut in the form of a pyramid. For all orders in France, contact us.

Falling Star 750 ml

This is a punt adorned with numerous streaks that look like shooting stars. 

Fusion 750 ml & Galaxy 750 ml & 1.5L

Fusion 750 ml

A fine weave covers the punt and continues to the base of the bottle.


Galaxy 750 ml & 1.5L

The punt is cut into a 10-sided form that resembles a galaxy.

Eclat Fusion & Galaxy models in extra-white flintb glass filled with Rosé wine

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Born (Eclat Galaxy)

Indian Summer & Summer Sault (Eclat)


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