The Heritage collection

The Heritage Collection draws on the history of the Grands Crus Classés to offer connoisseurs, collectors and sommeliers an ideal receptacle for exceptional cuvées.

In Bordeaux and Burgundy, the history of wine is tied to centuries of expertise passed down from generation to generation and this was the inspiration for the Grands Crus bottles of the Saverglass Heritage Collection. 

The classic models in this collection were designed in honor of exceptional vintages and are inspired by history and tradition.

Heritage pieces are inspired by bottles from times gone by and don’t skimp on style. 

This collection represents a glassmaking tour de force, tied to the meticulous reproduction of classic bottles with sleek, slender resting bases with a deep, square punt in which a tiny pearl of glass is nestled.

Saverglass has designed this exceptional and authentic bottle range to delight wine connoisseurs, collectors and sommeliers alike. The design lineup is based on two iconic models.

Bordeaux Cru Classé 750ml

The Bordeaux Cru Classé is carefully crafted to reproduce a range of vintage bottle features. To this day, its almost three-inch square punt remains the deepest punt to be produced on an assembly line. As a successor to the illustrious Bordeaux style, it features an elegant 12-inch plus height and slender, tapered neck descending into high, broad shoulders. 

Burgundy Cru Classé 750ml

The Burgundy Cru Classé bottle combines a very long neck and a deep, two-inch-plus punt in a very subtly tapered bottle of standard height. While it is reminiscent of classic Burgundy bottles, this new silhouette—with its unmistakable, broad shoulders—is distinctly a modern take on a classic.

Heritage Collection Brochure

Discover our Heritage brochure and the other bottles in the collection.

Our achievements

Pasxa (Bourgogne Cru Classé)

Historia (Bordelaise 1855)

Clos d'Ora (Hermes)

Hugh Hamilton (Hermes)

Titan of Douro Frangmento (Bourgogne Cru Classé)

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