Bottles that Capture the Personality of Every Wine


Customer: Caldwell Vineyards

Brand: Caldwell

Universe: Still wine

Category: Red wine

Origin: USA

Expertises: Design, packaging and decoration

Caldwell, a historic estate in the Napa Valley, has successfully given each of its wines their very own identity—choosing packaging that is always distinctive and unique—to personalize their concept of beauty, reflect their philosophy and continue to establish themselves as innovative players in the region.

The Context:

A Signature Bottle for a Unique Vineyard

In the famous Napa Valley, California, USA, John Caldwell is a legend. Over 40 years, he has built the Caldwell Vineyard into one of the greatest and most unique wine estates on earth, with 28 different cloned grape varieties. John Caldwell worked with the French government to create and license the ENTAV-INRA clones for all of North America. These grape varieties are now considered the industrial standard in U.S. vineyards. 
Caldwell is also one of the first U.S. wineries to operate its own cooperage — a luxury that only seven other producers in the world enjoy.

In 1997, John and his wife Joy called upon Saverglass to design and manufacture their first red wine vintage: the Caldwell "Silver" Proprietary Red, a blend of the best grape varieties from the vineyard.

The Challenge:

Embody the Image of an Exceptional Product

For their first 1998 vintage, the Caldwell "Silver" bottle had to represent the profile of the owners: exceptional, unique, distinctive. John and Joy love beautiful objects and were looking for a bottle that could capture their brand. For its very high-end positioning, it had to be very slender and elegant—with a very pronounced shoulder and an incredible tapered conical shape—"sexy" and recognizable above all else! 

The Solution:

Ultra-thin Embossing and Precious Metal Screen-Printing for a Luxurious and Refined Look

Saverglass created a bottle with a remarkable silhouette and embossed on the shoulder, with the “C” recalling the name of the owners. It took many glass tests to achieve such fine lettering and to make it fit perfectly to the curve of the bottle's shoulder. 

The engraving is then covered with a precious gold or platinum screenprint. Lastly, the bottle itself is enhanced by a black and gold screenprint, with a matte effect that contrasts with the brilliance of the glass.

The final result, which is both refined and luxurious, matches the wine's high-end positioning.

The Result:

Caldwell's Exceptional and Everlasting Reputation

For more than 20 years, the Caldwell bottle, with its slender line and its height of 350 mm, has featured a silhouette that is both distinctive and contemporary. It is eye-catching and continues to make the front page of trade magazines. It remains the flagship of the brand and its hallmark.






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