The « Craft » movement

The "Craft" trend has created a market dynamic where new players meet dedicated collections, such as the one created by Saverglass.

Very popular with Generation Y, the "craft" phenomenon has been growing
since 2011 on the Spirits market. Synonymous with creativity and authenticity,
it creates a market dynamic where new players meet dedicated collections,
such as the one designed by Saverglass.

"Craft" spirits:

An ever-growing market

Since the early 2010’s, the "Craft" trend has quickly grown around the world in the spirits market. Beyond the simple description of an artisanal product, “craft” describes a real trend of consumption.

According to a study by Mintel GNPD, the market grew by 265% between 2011 and 2015 and 15% of the spirits launched in the world in 2016 were described as "craft". The United States pioneered this movement and still lead the sales of “craft” products in the world. Europe comes in 2nd position, and the movement has spread to such countries as Australia and South Africa.

This trend pushes new products to be launched, always more innovative and original.

A quest for authenticity

To understand this phenomenon, one needs to understand the consumers. Bored by mass –produced goods they can find in every country, they have turned to more authentic products. They look for products made by a “human”, whose work to create and craft the product is valued. They seek out the unique personality of the product.

Within this new dynamic, the spirits market has become local and is now motivated by individual expertise:
• spirits bottles are numbered,
• local production is promoted,
• bottles show the barrel they were filled from, the name of the Master Distiller who crafted the liquid, even sometimes the ingredients used in its distillation.

Most consumers even consider that "craft" spirits are often of a better quality, and they are more prone to spending more for them.

Growth fueled by Millenials

It is Generation Y (Millenials), born between the mid-80’s and the mid-90’s that is fueling the growth of the "Craft" products. 

For that generation, the consumption of niche products, which they feel “only they” know, is an affirmation of their difference by comparison with the more classic consumption of mass-market products. In their eyes, "Craft" spirits are synonym with quality. They would rather drink less, but better.

These consumers even participate in the growth by spending time on social media, sharing comments and their feelings about the products they use. 

Arrival of new passionate players

This booming market also encourages the creation and launch of new products.

Hundreds of distilleries around the world are opened by passionate individuals who want to start making a spirit product. To meet the differentiating demand of final consumers looking for original recipes, these new brands can make daring packaging choices. They don’t hesitate to break codes, impose their difference, by selecting a container with a unique personality and a powerful design, often reminiscent of vintage bottles. But always with the goal of finding a superior quality container to match the quality of the spirit they crafted. 

Unique, innovative shapes such as Pirate or Pearl were created with this in mind. At first glance they stick out and tell a story.

Distil’er and Zadig

Other lines like Distil’er or Zadig, reminiscent of apothecary bottles from yesteryear, also appeared. Their style and versatility make them great choices for large brands and final consumers alike.

Dynamite and Islay

Other lines yet, rather short and minimalist like Dynamite or Islay, can be ideal in a lot of situations, giving distillers and brand-owners the option to use a common bottle design for several categories of products. 

A trend for all categories of spirits

The search for authenticity has spared no spirit category, even if the market is still dominated by whiskeys, gins, vodkas, rums and liquors.
Alcohol-free spirits have also recently launched, further promoting the "craft" market trend. 

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