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Reviving the master craftsmanship and aesthetics of the great classics

In Bordeaux, as in Bourgogne, the history of wine is written in the passing down of viticultural knowledge from generation to generation. Faithful custodians of the tremendous heritage that has been carried through the ages, the Grands Crus have been the source of inspiration for the Saverglass Heritage Collection. These new references have been drawn from the heart of this unique heritage and ancestral traditions to form a collection of great classics that pay tribute to the exceptional vintages of the past.

Designed to celebrate the true essence of the Grands Crus, the Heritage Collection presents top-of-the-range glassware whose silhouettes hail back to the values of authenticity seen in the historical archives.

Refusing to compromise on any aesthetic or technical aspect, despite the constraints of an automated production process, Heritage’s pieces flawlessly replicate the bottles of a bygone age. Here is a glassmaking tour de force rooted in the meticulous reproduction of the classic features that epitomize traditional bottles: a slender, perfectly sleek finish without a groove in sight, or a deep square punt (up to 75mm) indented with a bullion — a tiny pearl of glass nestled in the underside of the bottle.

Heritage is a stunning, pure and authentic range sure to delight aesthetes, oenophiles, collectors, and sommeliers alike.



Bordelaise Cru Classé

The faithful reproduction of vintage bottle features proves that the Bordelaise Cru Classé is a real feat of craftsmanship. To this day, its exceptional 75 mm square punt remains the deepest measurement ever achieved by automated processes. This successor to the illustrious bordelaise style marries elegance and distinction with a height of 312 mm, a slender neck extending slightly more than usual, and a particularly distinct high, broad shouldering. Lastly, its subtle tapering draws out the distinct appearance of this bottle, which is intended for use with the finest wines.




Bourgogne Cru Classé

Combining the standard height with a very long neck, a remarkable punt of 58 mm and an ever-so-slight taper, the Bourgogne Cru Classé authentically revisits the Burgundy wines of the period. However, its substantial body diameter and distinct broad shoulder betray its modern-day influences, unveiling a bold appearance that exudes great elegance.