Invent: a signature punt

A collection of standard-size Bordeaux -and Burgundy-shaped bottles with an inventive punt design.

For the Invent line, Saverglass redesigned the classic punt while preserving the traditional shape of the bottle. Our signature punt subtly transforms the base of the bottle, resculpting it with soft, curved lines. 



Weighing just slightly more than one pound, the Invent collection highlights the lightest wine bottle design in the Saverglass range. The bottles also conserves basic glass making materials and energy while respecting the high standards of great Bordeaux and Burgundy wines.

Through this new, exceptionally lightweight design, Invent has created a new way for wine producers to communicate their commitment to the environment and investment in modern designs.  

The Invent collection features two designs: 

  • Bordeaux Invent, Bordeaux-shaped with a standard height of 11.8 in.
  • Burgundy Invent, Burgundy-shaped with a standard height of 11.65 in.



The bottles are made from Extra white flint glass, showcasing the palest hues of your white and rosé wines. The style of the punt speaks for itself and is enhanced by how the liquid accentuates its contours. It is also available in the more subtle Antique Green, where the punt—when viewed from the front—stands out because of its elegant, rounded shape.

In order to meet our global customers’ expectations, this unique line is available in both the BVS 30H60 finish and the original, more traditional Plate finish.


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