Condesa Gin

Customer: Condesa Gin

Brand: Condesa Gin

Universe: Spirits

Category: Gin

Origin: Mexico

Expertises: Glass and decoration

The context

Condesa Gin: two premium gins crafted as an ode to the La Condesa neighborhood, the beating heart of contemporary Mexico

In creating Condesa Gin, the five founders of the brand envisioned an invitation to travel to the heart of the "colonia" Condesa, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Mexico City, and its cultural and artistic epicenter. Far from the clichés of the ancient Aztec city, the shady avenues of La Condesa are home to trendy cafes, art galleries, hotels decorated by renowned architects, up-and-coming designers and the entire Mexican avant-garde gastronomic scene.
As an echo of this concentrated creativity and the country's extraordinary heritage, Condesa Gin offers two variations of premium gins: the Clásica gin, whose composition of palo santo, sage and jasmine is inspired by the ancestral traditions of the "curanderas" (healers), and the Pink gin, which blends juniper, prickly pear, orange blossom, raspberry, coriander and lime zest. 

The challenge

Design obsession at the center of the brand story

The attention paid to the container's design appears to be primordial for the brand's founders who believe that "99% of interaction with customers is indirect. The bottle is therefore the only communication vector for transmitting the history, values and DNA of the brand. This high-end vessel tells the story of the country's immense artisanal heritage, the arty effervescence of the Condesa district and the singularity of these two gins, both modern and authentic."
Beyond the design of the container, the weight of the bottle reveals the premium positioning of Condesa Gin. 
Lastly, the very trendy label revisits the codes of the apothecary with a touch of esotericism as a nod to the ancient elixirs and rituals of ancestral Mexican medicines. 

The solution

The tailor-made answer devised by Saverglass

For Condesa Gin, Saverglass made a specific mold to directly integrate strong elements of the brand's design. In two places on the shoulder of the bottle you can read the inscription "tradicion" (tradition). In essence, "Unite al ritual" (join the ritual) reads like an invitation to fellowship. Lastly, on the back of the barrel, there is a drawing of a woman's hand holding a herb, a key component of the Condesa Gin's identity.

All these graphic details are embossed at the same time as the bottle is blown, which gives it an almost artisanal appearance. 

In addition to the weight of the bottle, the premium character is also reinforced by the subtlety of the two shades chosen for the two variations of Condesa Gin: a translucent, almost aquatic blue that evokes the herbaceous flavors of the Clásica gin and a pinkish nude with vintage nuances which recalls, in particular, the prickly pear of the Pink version.

The result

Challenge achieved: a demanding design to match the quality of the content and the international ambitions of Condesa Gin


This packaging, at the forefront of current creative trends, offers this new gin brand a desirability that crosses borders. It allows Condesa Gin to deploy its strategy to establish itself internationally. 
Through this project, once again Saverglass demonstrated its ability to respond to extremely precise and particularly demanding design requests while guaranteeing the premium quality of the containers produced.