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Once the color of royal families, blue remains a favorite color among Westerners, but is not limited to them…

Achievement: Belfast 1912 Cask Gin Title: the Blue

Blue: a popular color

with aristocratic roots

For centuries, many civilizations have revered this color, which has long represented strength and privilege. For a long time, the Egyptians knew how to produce "Egyptian Blue" from rare pigments that were difficult to process. This is the reason why blue has often been reserved for royal families for so long. Nowadays, blue is omnipresent in our environment. It remains a favorite color among Westerners and consumers around the world.

Blue: the color of dreams

and serenity

The choice of packaging color is not trivial and plays an important role in how consumers perceive a product and if they are motivated to buy it.
As the color of the sky and the sea, blue is universally appreciated. With all of its nuances—royal blue, azure and turquoise--it is closely linked to dreams, wisdom, confidence and serenity and its reassuring color.

Canne Blue 2019

Continuing the success of its previous limited editions, the Clément Canne Blue brand offers a sophisticated take on bottle design, making the most of the blue shade that is the brand's calling card. 

The Ness bottle is tinted throughout and then enlivened by the shades in gradations, obtained by the process of iridescence. It is a bewitching and innovative design!

Rhum Clément Canne Bleue 2019

Bartolomeo Gin

"Bartolomeo" is a French gin that pays homage to the first Portuguese nobleman and explorer to have crossed the Cape of Good Hope in the 15th Century, opening a new route to India and its spices. 

The Little Sumo bottle pays respects to the bottle's aromatic contents. Its round, square mid-section is covered with a with a geometric design that is an ode the famous azulejos, the iconic earthenware tiles made by the Portuguese for centuries. 

The mosaic plays on multiple colors of light blue achieved through the use of successive layers of silkscreen prints--in three different hues--that decorate the bottle. All three shades fade into the deep blue tone of the bottle that has been dyed blue using the Select Colors® process.

Martell Noblige – « French Touch »

In less than twenty years, the "French Touch" has become one of the greatest musical revolutions of the 20th Century. The "French Touch" is a limited edition designed by the famous DJ Etienne de Crecy for the Martell Noblige Cognac brand.

"For this bottle, I needed a dark, deep and dense background to make the neon lights vibrate," he once said. 

In addition to the Martell blue, made with a full coating of glossy blue lacquer; the specter of neon lights, simulated by silk screening executed luminescent inks that react to UV light; create a play of vibrant lines that evoke the magic of Parisian nights.

Whisky Adnams

Adnams Southwold is an English group that has been making beer since 1345! Already known for the quality of their products, in 2010 the brewery decided to open a whisky distillery.

Adnams uses an iconic bottle from the Saverglass collection: the Zadig model, with its apothecary design. This version of the Adnams Single Malt Whisky design is made from an opaque decoration, using matt blue lacquer, which is unusual in this category. It is applied on the first two thirds of the bottle and is enhanced with white and copper silk screening. The last third of the bottle is transparent and reveals the color of the beverage while echoing the angles of the punt and the shoulder.

Real Gin

Real Gin was created and produced in Santo Isidro de Pegões, Portugal. Its name is inspired by the road bordering the distillery and which was once a route for royalty. 

The Arome model, with its low shape with a generous and rounded shoulder, was chosen for this classic gin with notes of lime and ginger. The bottle is decorated with an elegant royal blue, satin full-varnish coating. A silver label crowns this very aristocratic bottle. 

King of Soho Gin

Paul Raymond "The King of Soho" played a central role in the cultural and social liberation of London. He transformed this famous neighborhood of the British capital with a non-conformist approach, as a result his son Howard decided to design a gin bottle in his image.

The decor sums up the spirit of Soho. A bright, translucent blue Savercoat® contrasts with a multi-colored, silk screened print. Each element of the design is carefully thought out: the fox's tail symbolizes a creature of the night, the trumpet refers to the history of jazz. The bottle is a real tribute to London nightlife.


Black Robin Gin

Like the black robin that is native to the Chatham Islands in New Zealand, Black Robin Gin is a rare and premium gin. It combines traditional exotic plants with the New Zealand Horopito, one of the oldest flowering plants in the world.
A silky white satin finish gives this delicate bottle a soft touch. The shades of blue in the bird's plumage have been achieved through a particularly meticulous process of silk screening with organic inks. A watermark, made from a colorless silk screen, runs across the bottle, revealing elegant transparent arabesques.

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