Rhum Clément Canne Bleue 2016

A Limited Edition that Doesn't Skimp on Style

Canne Blue Rum

Customer: Heirs of H. Clément

Brand: Rhum Clément Canne bleue

Universe: Spirits

Category: Rhum

Origin: French Martinique

Expertises: Catalog model, feeder coloring and multi-process decoration

For its 2016 limited edition, Rhum Clément — Canne Bleue wanted to offer its customers an experience that appeals to their sense of taste, sight and touch: a custom-made challenge for Saverglass!

The Background:

A Limited Edition Every Year

Created in 1887 in Martinique, Rhum Clément is a rhum agricole available in more than 80 countries around the world. Every year, the distillery releases its limited edition Canne Bleue—a white, premium rum—which is the brand's signature product.

Unlike other white rums that tend to mix distillations from various years, Canne Bleue is a single-vintage premium, sipping rum on par with aged rums. As a result, the brand puts a lot of emphasis on the packaging of this collectable bottle. 

The Rhum Clément distillery brought in the Linea Packaging agency for the graphic redesign of the bottle and Saverglass to execute it. The bottle comes from the NESS range, a streamlined model that is specifically made for use in bars.

The Background

The Challenge:

An Experience You can See and Feel

For its 2016 limited edition, the Rhum Clément distillery wanted to make a major impact. 

The brand sought to offer its customers a unique, immersive sensory experience that would be a true celebration of taste and smell.

But Canne Bleue would also be a feast for the eyes with its colors, graphics and hands-on appeal! It was going to be a game changer. A custom-made challenge for Saverglass.

Caribbean sea

The Solution:

Art & Touch ®, an Exclusive Process for Creating 3D decoration

Reminiscent of the brand's maritime roots, Saverglass uses a Select Colors® blue to batch dye the glass of its NESS bottle. The Blue Ocean color becomes deeper and denser where the glass is thicker and around the base of the bottle. 

It is designed through a number of design phases: 

  • Multicolored silk screening of the graphics, inspired by contemporary art. Decorative blue and white lines are scattered across the bottle to symbolize the sliced sugar cane used in its distillation process.
  • The Art & Touch ® process, an exclusive Saverglass innovation, can be used to create embossed decorations with a spectacular, high-precision finish. Thanks to this unusual tactile feel, the sensory experience starts as soon as they pick up the bottle.
  • Silver hot stamping was used for the logo which was also embossed on the bottle.
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The Result:

A Product that Sold Out in Weeks!

The 2016 limited edition was a hit as soon as it was released in Martinique and in specialty shops all over France. It was such a success that Rhum Clément ran out of stock in two weeks!

Consumers were as excited about the quality of the product as they were about the bottle’s design. Saverglass and Rhum Clément have since been working together for many years and their collaboration succeeded because Saverglass focuses on providing customer satisfaction through innovative solutions. 


Rhum Clément Canne Bleue 2016






Watch the full interview with Audrey Bruisson, Marketing Manager for H. Clément.




Rhum Clément Canne Bleue 2016

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