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Green is instinctively soothing

Clearly associated with the plant world – its closest tie—
green is a soothing, refreshing, and invigorating color.

Vodka Roberto Cavalli - coating dégradé blanc et vert Japanese Gin bottle


Color of plants

When we think of the color green, we immediately imagine large meadows, trees filled with leaves, or even just our own front lawn! Green is a secondary color created from the combination of blue and yellow. In Western culture, it is associated with positive things such as hope, luck, stability and concentration. More than anything, it is tied to plants, vegetables, and fruit. In Mexico, it is the national color, as it symbolizes independence. Because of its lush green landscapes, Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Isle. In the Middle East, green is associated with luck and fortune. In Asian cultures, green is linked to newly created life and youth.

Shades of green

There are numerous shades of green, which offer a wide array of possibilities: absinthe, anise, sage, spring, pine, celadon, chartreuse, emerald, imperial and pistachio, etc.

Green pairs easily with almost any other color, and particularly with those that also come from nature (such as brown, ocher, cream, taupe, etc.)

Hepple High Fidelity - Gin

Hepple Gin was founded in England by five figures from the world of food and drink, including Nick Strangeway, Valentine Warner and master distiller Chris Garden. The town of Hepple is located in a region known for its green juniper production. 

For Hepple Gin’s design, the brand chose the Oslo Apothek bottle for its apothecary bottle-like appearance. The magnificent design was created through organic screen printing, using white, violet, gray and three shades of green ink. 

Achievement: Hepple Gin

Lucid - Absinthe

The first absinthe launched on the American market in 2007, after the ban on the liquor was lifted—absinthe had been illegal in the United States since 1912—Lucid is a “natural,” slightly peppery absinthe made without any artificial flavors or colors. The recipe was developed with the help of Ted Breaux, a historian and absinthe specialist. 

For his packaging, he chose the slender design of the Fidji bottle and enhanced it with a Champagne green shade reminiscent of absinthe. Engraving; an elegant screen printing combining green, white and gray; and a label are all part of the beautiful bottle.

Achievement: Lucid Absinthe. Fidji bottle with a Champagne green shade, engraving and an elegant screen printing combining green, white and gray.

Tanqueray n° Ten - Gin

The Diageo spirits group wanted to modernize the bottle of its super-premium gin: Tanqueray N° Ten.

To do so, Saverglass crafted a bottle with an all new, more slender design, featuring a deep punt in the shape of a lemon squeezer; with glass ridges running up the length of the dark green bottle. The magnificent “lime green” color, specific to this brand, is a special Select Colors shade. A red seal is also featured at the crest of the bottle. 

Achievement: Tanqueray n° Ten - Gin

Perrier Jouët « Belle Époque » – Champagne

The design of this distinctive Champagne Perrier Jouët “Belle Epoque” bottle was created in 1902 by Emile Gallé, an iconic artist of the Art Nouveau period. The anemones motif outlined with embossed gold lines is a delicate composition that recalls the delicate floral aromas of the wine. Several screen-printing passes have been executed in both white and green, in additional to gold finishing, all of which are used to create this design. 

Achievement: Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Champagne bottle

Leblon - Cachaça

Saverglass helped the Leblon Cachaça brand in its search for a sophisticated design by creating a number of details:

  • the molding of a punt inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Sugarloaf Mountain, calling to mind the beautiful beaches of Leblon;
  • the development of a custom Select Colors® shade (a special green for mass dyeing);
  • a vertical relief engraving along the entire length of the bottle.

With its particularly fine engraving, this model is embellished using a special multi-colored ink screen printing.

Achievement: Leblon - Cachaça

Italicus – Rosolio di Bergamotto

ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto was created by the authority in Italian spirits, Giuseppe Gallo to bring back the forgotten Rosolio category.

Before the appearance of Vermouth, Bitters or Amaro in Turin and Milan, Rosolio was the main Aperitivo drunk by the King of Savoia and often served as “Aperitivo di Corte” to the guests during the royal parties. ITALICUS was developed to reintroduce a new generation of drinkers to Rosolio’s time honoured traditional drinking occasion of Aperitivo.

With key notes of Calabrian bergamot, ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto is made using the finest Italian ingredients to create a sip of Italy: IGP Bergamot from Calabria, Cedro from Sicily, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa Balm, Yellow Roses, Gentian.

This exceptional bottle was designed by the award winning agency Stranger & Stranger and created by Saverglass, inspired by the Amalfi Coast Mediterranean sea, where Giuseppe Gallo is from. With its Roman column shaped design, the bottle is embellished with a full blue/green coating, while a set of two labels add the finishing touch.

Achievement: Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto Liquor

Our achievements

Achievement: Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto Liquor

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