The natural color of mother earth, brown is a soft, neutral color.

Brown is a soft, neutral color. It is one of the most frequently found colors
in both the plant and animal world,
which is part of the reason why we feel so good in its presence.


a symbol of nature

The color of the earth par excellence, but also of wood, trees and many different foods, brown is a soft and reassuring color of which we never get tired. It is a warm, tertiary color that can be obtained through different combinations (orange + blue + yellow, for example). There are few negative connotations associated with it and its various shades offer a wide range of possibilities that include chestnut, coffee, cinnamon, sepia, fawn, rust, brick, russet, hazelnut, tobacco and sienna, among others.

Shades of brown

Like many colors, we recommend that it never be used alone or extensively, as its soft neutrality can make it lose some of its appeal. Brown goes particularly well with white, yellow, purples and light pinks (such as antique pink).

L’entêté - Absinthe

In 2010, after long negotiations, Master Distiller Franck Choisne added to the amendment of the 1988 decree that banned the use of fennel in the production of absinthe. To mark his victory, he developed a natural green absinthe colored with chlorophyll. The French distiller Combier then launched L’Entêté.

The company was interested in  the Zadig model, which is reminiscent of the medicine bottles of yesteryear. The bottle’s brown color is obtained through a transparent yellow coating and the bottle is finished with an antique-finish label. 


Ardnamurchan Spirit

Ardnamurchan is a Scotch spirit, not a whisky. Distilled in the Highlands, Ardnamurchan is a spirit composed of a mix of peated and unpeated eaux-de-vie that is aged in Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. The distillery, founded in 2014, is located in an idyllic corner of Scotland and exclusively uses renewable energy.

For this elegant and unique creation, Saverglass’ Forty-six model is covered in a slate blue matte coating with a cut-out which reveals the color of the spirit. On either side of the cut-out, silk screening lettering is applied using a copper-effect ink. Here, blue, brown and copper come together like a dream! 

Clément Canne Blue - 2017

Building on the success of its limited editions, Clément Canne Blue offers a sophisticated, brand where the spirit's iconic blue tone is enhanced with copper notes.

The Ness bottle is mass-dyed and then embellished using copper-toned precious metal, screen printing for the small horizontal lines that rim the bottle from bottom to top, as well as for the solid color in the middle. Its lettering was also created with  blue and white screen-printing.

Before Gin Genever

The De Borgen brand, founded by the Dutch distillery Hooghoudt, is focused on promoting genever on an international scale. As the national liquor of The Netherlands, genever is considered the “ancestor” of modern-day gin.

A sublime copper metallization is entirely applied on the Diamond bottle and thus establishes the highly distinctive and premium character of the product. 

Havn Gin

HAVN Gin leads us on a fascinating journey. The Belgian brand allows customers to discover the world’s legendary ports—such as Marseilles, Copenhagen, Bangkok and Antwerp—through unique tasting experiences. To do so, Havn has designed a special recipe and bottle for each of its destinations. 

The Saverglass collection's minimalist iconic model, Oslo, is covered with a full "prism effect" coating - a Saverglass innovation-, gold or matt black and a black ink screen printing for "gold prism" and a metallic silver imitation ink for "black prism".

It really stands out! 

The Smooth by Imperial

Produced for the South Korean market, The Smooth Imperial Pure Malt Spirit Drink, a Pernod Ricard Group brand, is a blend of 17-year-old malt Scotch whisky and natural herb essences.

On this iconic bottle, a brown crystal gradient coating is applied, along with a multi-colored screen-printing (brick red + burgundy + gold-effect black).

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