Red: the color of paradox

Red never leaves anyone feeling indifferent, and that's where it draws its strength,
it arouses passion: both positive and negative.
This warm color is undoubtedly among the most fascinating and ambiguous around.


Without a doubt, red is a color that stirs up strong feelings. It stands out as a warm, energetic, piercing color: which is reassuring and enticing in a certain way. We associate it with blood and hell, but also with heat and energy. Love/anger, sensuality/sexuality, courage/danger, fervor/prohibition: red is the color of all paradoxes: evoking images of blood, fire, lava, as well as more cheerful everyday things such as tomatoes, poppies and strawberries.

The shades of red

In Asian cultures, red symbolizes good luck, joy, prosperity, celebration, happiness and a long life. Red is considered lucky in Egypt, while it is associated with purity and spirituality in India.
There are countless shades of red, offering a wide array of possibilities: vermilion, tomato, blood, poppy, carmine, scarlet, cardinal, ruby, garnet and burgundy.

Chivas Night rouge - Whisky

Chivas 12 whisky is a blend of the best Scotch whiskies, aged for 12 years in oak casks. This special edition from Chivas—designed for clubs and nightlife venues—is crafted using a full, bright-red crystal coating and a two-toned ink screen printing (both white and transparent) with a luminescent effect. 

Grey Goose Ducasse - Vodka

Grey Goose Ducasse Vodka is a limited “culinary” edition, made with a unique roasted wheat base. This bottle was crafted in partnership with French Michelin-starred chef, Alain Ducasse. Its design required acid-etching and transparent screen printing, which discretely repeat the brand’s iconic gray goose symbol, for an end result that is reminiscent of a wine bottle. Each Grey Goose Ducasse is numbered and features a red seal as the finishing touch on the particularly elegant – and very French – presentation.

Justin - Cabernet Sauvignon

Justin is one of the pioneers in high-end wines, located in Paso Robles, California. The winery’s philosophy is to combine traditional Old World methods – such as hand-harvesting and small-barrel aging in French oak – with New World technology.

For its “Justification Red” and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, Justin chose to apply multi-colored ink screen-printing to our bottles, in shades of red, gold, burgundy and salmon. 

Grand Marnier Rouge

This limited edition symbolizes the bond that Grand Marnier® has the city of Paris and, in particular, with the Boulevard Haussmann, where its main office is located. The bottle is paired with a full glossy coating in red, the brand’s iconic color. Its fine white screen printed features an aerial view of Boulevard Haussmann and of Paris.

An engraved medallion adds a finishing touch.

Legras « Cuvée Présidence » - Champagne

This historic Maison is also one of the boldest in the Champagne region. With its original cut-out, its label sets the tone straightaway, as the Maison Champagne R&L Legras had already surprised the Champagne world by producing a bottle in satin-finish, white glass.

For its Cuvée Présidence, it went with a strong visual marker: a red Saverbox® (a glossy red lacquer), a subtle allusion to Louboutin’s famous luxury shoes. In order to achieve this spectacular result while minimizing costs, Saverglass took on the challenge of adapting its tools to suit the different sized bottles (750 ml, 1.5L and 3L).

Champenoise Standard

Roberto Cavalli « Orange » - Vodka


Roberto Cavalli has created the first super premium vodka produced entirely in Italy. It is dedicated to women, the eternal muse that has always inspired Cavalli's style.

This special, ultra-slender bottle features a snake relief that wraps around the body. Extremely sophisticated, it is also adorned with a satin-finish, blood orange gradient coating on sandblasted glass. The transparent snake itself exposes the inside of the bottle and outside  lettering is crafted from black, white and orange screen-printing.


Our achievements

Chateau d'Estoublon - Huile d'olive

Blanche Numéro 3

Tales of Blood - Solstice Lune Desecendante

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