Black is timeless luxury

From an optical perspective, black absorbs all wavelengths of light
and is therefore actually defined by an absence of color.
However, like any other color, black conveys strong symbolism
and is the signature of luxury brands.

The color of

mystery and distinction

The impenetrable nature of black as a color adds a dimension of mystery; its simplicity is also synonymous with rigor. The fashion, illustration and, of course, packaging industries have always clearly understood this: it radiates a sophistication that makes it THE color of elegance, refinement and luxury. When choosing black, you’re certain that that you are going with a timeless design.

The shades of black

Black is extremely useful for creating contrast and highlighting other colors, it pairs well with almost everything and is never too shocking, even when used in excess. We recommend that you combine it with a warm or pale color to enhance its style.

New Riff – Bourbon Whisky

Crafted in Kentucky, in the U.S.A., this Bourbon from New Riff, which is aged for four years in oak casks, stands out for its delicious, spicy, full-bodied taste. 

To highlight the elegance of this  whisky, the brand owners chose the Single bottle from Saverglass. Detailed engravings complete the presentation. A black satin gradient coating on the shoulder adds a mysterious, powerful and elegant touch, highlighting the white and copper-effect lettering crafted using two-toned ink screen printing.

Léon Marcel -Bulles de Cognac

Passionate about the bar scene, the creators of Léon Marcel have been secretly planning the return of a French liquor that has been forgotten since 2012. This sparkling mistelle (made 100% white Ugni grape variety) is crafted with a Cognac base and aged for 12 months in oak casks. For this vintage, each bottle of the Cuvée des sacres model is finished with matte black soft touch lacquer and a white screen printing before being numbered and signed by the Cellar Master.

Black Tropez - Rosé

The Domaine Tropez vineyard, located in Gassin in the Saint-Tropez peninsula, sprawls across a schist terroir facing the Mediterranean. The pale pink hue of the Black Tropez’s rosé wine, with a handful of salmon reflections, immediately catches the eye. 

For its Black Tropez Rosé line, the owners opted for the Classic Bordelaise and Première bottles – models from the Saverglass collection – and finishes that break with the standards. These elegant bottles feature a full coating (matte black lacquer and glossy white lacquer) as well as a silver hot-stamped embellishment. 

Sessantani Old Wines

Sessantanni Old Wines are crafted by Cantine San Marzano using traditional growing practices indigenous to the Apulia region, in Italy. For this limited edition, our client opted for an iconic model from our collection: the Mercure bottle. Crafted in a dark yellow shade—which creates a black appearance when it is layered over the color of the wine—the bottle is designed with an elegant sandblasted design, enhanced with a white and gold precious metal colored screen printed. 

Honor VSOP – Cognac

Honor VSOP is aged for seven years in French oak from Limousin to create a unique blend rich in flavor. This Cognac is composed of eaux-de-vie made from hand-selected grapes from the highest quality vineyards in Grande and Petite Champagne. 

The bottle features engraving on the side and is covered in a shiny black coating to accentuate its appearance. It is then finished off with a cross-shaped design and a silver label. 

Clément « JonOne » - Rhum

Following its new brand development strategy , Clément Canne Bleue brand now features a highly tailored look. Its appearance, designed in collaboration with the famous street artist JonOne, was extremely challenging to put together. It combines:

  • a shiny black coating for the background,
  • silver hot stamping for the brand name,
  • the image of the Clément house (the brand’s icon), which required 14 multicolored organic screen print runs prior to an ultra-precise adjustment.

Many different colors were tested to achieve the bright finish of the colors.

Our achievements

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