Saverglass opens up an exclusive universe, one with an air of prohibition lightly reimagined, in its new spirits collection.

In the 1920s, during the era of Prohibition in the United States, the manufacturing, transportation and sale of alcohol was declared illegal. But it was a law largely ignored and sidestepped by creative smugglers and bootleggers who continued to distill and distribute spirits for the thirsty public. Whiskey, gin, rum and vodka still flowed in the secret, underground bars where patrons were urged to speak quietly: the famous SPEAKEASY.


Both veterans and amateurs of the cocktail scene flock to these anonymous hideaways, without signage or address. In these lush surrounding, they sample refined cocktails of elaborate mixology, coaxed from craft spirits and other high-end special alcohols.


Consisting of 24 unique bottles and decanters, SPEAKEASY, THE CRAFT SECRET LINE comes in four major design families. Find the personality that best fits your bootleg distillery and above all, remember to, shhh… speak easy.