Case studies

Case studies

Double Cross Vodka

For close to 25 years, vodka has enjoyed a roaring success worldwide, and most surprisingly in the USA in the super-premium segment. We are now witnessing a hypersophistication of vodkas, which translates into a race for singularity. Henceforth, in order to break through on this highly selective American market, a company must come up with a very strong marketing concept. A textbook case, Double Cross Vodka, produced in the Slovak Republic, distinguishes itself through its particularly studied design. 

Creative Glass met with the creators of this remarkable vodka – Malcolm M. Lloyd (Chief Executive Officer) & Jeff Johnson (Director of Operations and Logistics) from the Old Nassau Imports Company.

Creative Glass: Why did you name this vodka « Double Cross » ?

Malcolm Lloyd :

This vodka is produced in Slovakia in a family distillery located in a tiny 13th-century village nestling in the heart of the mountains. The name was inspired by the coat of arms on the Slovak flag – a distinctive element echoed on the bottle. It's a true love story with the country, its people, its scenery, its traditions and of course its quality vodka !

Besides, we chose to print on the rear side of the bottle extracts from Slovak poems extolling purity and the mountains of that country.

Moreover, Double Cross is an American expression which offers us a multiple play on words ! Primarily for our slogan :

"This is Double Cross. It's time to betray the usual", and for the names of our various cocktails: Double vision, Seeing Double, Double Crosser ...

Creative Glass: What is this new product's original concept ?

Malcolm Lloyd :

Vodka is a very popular drink in the United States, and every 10 years or so a new brand stands out on the market, as for instance Grey Goose did in 1997.
The timing seemed perfect for launching our vodka and attempting to impose ourselves as the next leading brand of the decade !

The concept is a simple one: to offer the best vodka in the most beautiful packaging, with the most qualitative glassware, the most beautiful design in order to make it a true "Success Story".
The heart of the matter is not to benefit from a trendy effect, but rather to offer a unique taste, a product that is different, exciting, novel, lush and sophisticated. That is why we wished to devote the most particular care to the bottle and to conceive a design that would be original and challenging but endowed simultaneously with a pure outline, both classical and timeless.

Creative Glass: Why did you choose Saverglass for this project ? What do you expect from your suppliers ?

Malcolm Lloyd :

Total collaboration, transparency and genuinely open exchanges. Saverglass was a precious help in the development of the project, from the very first meetings Saverglass Inc.
Our designer had never worked for the world of glassmaking and his creative suggestions were totally unfeasible and utterly crazy from a glassmaking point of view ! Saverglass was able to advise us, they were always there to guide us in making this project technically workable; they were with us every inch of the way, even helping us to find closure manufacturers ! Saverglass later supported us by managing to push out technical limits, notably concerning the bottle's feasibility in regard to its extreme proportions, then add to its compatibility with a screen-printed decor on all 4 faces. It was an exciting project because of the numerous challenges. We weren't certain we would be able to see it through, because we were dependent on the outcome of the first samples, which alone could guarantee the up phase to an industrial production...

Creative Glass: Could you share a couple of anecdotes linked to the development of your vodka ?

Malcolm Lloyd :

In fact, 4 years ago we crisscrossed Slovakia in a small car – there were 5 of us – visiting every single distillery in the country in order to make our choice.
Every day, we would taste vodkas at a steady rate, it's an unforgettable memory and an incredible experience !…
And more recently we feel very proud because, even before its launching, Double Cross has already been awarded 2 gold medals in the 2008 Packaging Design Awards in San Francisco: one for its taste and the other one, of course, for its design !

Creative Glass: Speaking of which, what about the launching ? There are many articles about your vodka and a great buzz on the Internet already !

Malcolm Lloyd :

Our strategy consists in targeting primarily the American market, because of its size. However, we must be patient and wait until our vodka settles in and finds its position with the clientele; after its design is really recognised we can eventually decide to export to territories that are always ready and waiting for sophisticated products like Singapore, for instance.