Capture the Northern Lights in a bottle.

Sobolinaya vodka

Customer: Sobolinaya

Brand: Sobolinaya Vodka

Universe: Spirits

Category: Vodka

Origin: Russia

Expertises: Saverglass glass creation, iridescent effects, engraving and sandblasting, ink screen printing decor

In order to evoke the wild, icy charm of the Siberian plains, Saverglass has created a unique design for the Sobolinaya vodka bottle which embodies the Northern Lights.


From Cognac to Siberia

Sobolinaya is a Franco-Russian vodka. Its proprietor, Ilgiz Azamatov, called upon iconic distillery owner Gilles Merlet to create the recipe. This innovative vodka is bottled at the Merlet & Fils Distillery in Cognac.

Its emblem is the sable, an animal that primarily lives in Siberia, a region with abundant snowfall that is home to the breathtaking Northern Lights. In the words of Mr. Azamatov, "Sobolinaya vodka combines the wild beauty of Russian Siberia with Parisian charm."

The challenge:

Reproducing the Northern Lights on the packaging

Aware of how important packaging is for spirits such as vodka, Mr. Azamatov entrusted Saverglass with creating a bottle that would make his product clearly stand out.

In order to recreate the Northern Lights on the bottle, the beams of light coming from within the vodka are more than just a visual effect; they capture "the energy of everyone involved in this project," Mr. Azamatov explains.

Creating this design was an exciting technical adventure for Saverglass but it has been a hit with consumers.

The solution:

Creating and iridescent effect on the glass and sandblasting the sable etching onto the bottle

To capture the magic and wonder of the Northern Lights, Saverglass has adopted a new process to create an iridescent effect on a bottle: the Auréalis process®. It is applied to a model created with the brand's image in mind. Its emblem, the sable (“Sobolinaya” in Russian), is both engraved and then sandblasted on, creating a matt effect which contrasts with the shiny iridescence on the outside of bottle. The bottle is then signed with a ink screen printing for the name. All of this gives this piece its stately and  exclusive character. 

The result:

A success story resulting from a long-standing collaboration

Mr. Azamatov was pleased with the results achieved using the Auréalis process. It's a success he attributes to the long-standing collaboration between his teams and those at Saverglass:

"We've worked together for more than 10 years now. With each new endeavor, we seek to take unexplored paths. And each time we do, I witness the creative enthusiasm that drives the teams at Saverglass. It is truly invaluable."







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