A chic bottle for exceptional olive oil

Château d’Estoublon

Customer: Château d’Estoublon

Brand: Estoublon olive oil

Universe: Food products

Category: Olive oil

Origin: France

Expertises: Glass creation and decoration

This is an exceptional olive oil produced using estate-grown olives from centuries-old olive trees packaged in an elegant bottle worthy of the finest perfume. This luxe container is reinventing conventional consumer product designs to launch Estoublon into the world of luxury goods.


A Standard of Excellence

Nestled in Provence--in the heart of the Alpilles mountains--Château d'Estoublon is renowned for both its wines and olive oil. The estate owes its reputation to the Schneider family, who bought the chateau in 1999.

The owners have taken a number of important steps towards achieving excellence, including restructuring the vineyards and winery, restoring the old oil mill and converting the estate to biological farming

The company is now working on natural flavors and filtered oils—produced with a process that eliminates any particles that can settle at the bottom of the bottles—to offer high-end products that correspond to the requirements of the premium market.

The Challenge:

A Container that Reflects the Brand

Château d'Estoublon wanted to offer something that would showcase its designer single-varietal "extra virgin" oils in a sophisticated way. It combines elegance and pure lines with a distinctly modern design that perfectly reflects the brand while breaking away from industry norms.

The solution:

A spirit decanter that offers the ultimate oil container

With more than 230 models to choose from, most of the wine producers we worked with decided on the Jens decanter. While it was originally designed for spirits, it conveys a contemporary and masculine-inspired esthetic that is a radical departure from many of the more traditional designs on the market.

On Saverglass' advice, the olive oils were further accentuated by the application of an elegant black-and-white silk screen design which provides a modern touch and a strong brand identity. 

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The result:

Successful positioning in the world of luxury

Following the success of the 750ml format, the 50ml and 100ml Spray Couture versions were launched, designed to accentuate summer dinner tables and provide ideal gift ideas for hosts. 

By moving away from the classic decanter and creating very much of a "perfume-style bottle", Château d'Estoublon has shaken up its category to position its olive oil in the world of luxury products

The audacious lines of the Couture bottle, similar to those often seen in fashion and design publications, is now symbolic of the Château d'Estoublon brand and has contributed to its reputation.

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