The exotic elegance

Cachaça Leblon

Customer: LEBLON

Brand: Leblon Cachaça

Universe: Spirits

Category: Liqueur

Origin: USA / Brazil

Expertises: Saverglass glass creation, engraving, Select Colors tinted glass, decoration on engraving

Saverglass created a uniquely designed bottle for Leblon Cachaça, inspired by the dreamy beaches of Rio de Janeiro—a worthy backdrop for this high-end product—that has helped this Brazilian brand conquer the U.S. market.


A premium cachaça for the U.S. market

Cachaça, the famous Brazilian spirit, is the third most-popular tipple in the world. Beyond being the main ingredient in the Caipirinha cocktail, this sugarcane-based spirit is also consumed on its own.
Premium Leblon Cachaça is the fruit of a unique collaboration of the renowned French Cognac producer, Gilles Merlet, with the Leblon brand. The master distiller fuses his expertise in French Cognac production with exotic Brazilian savoir faire to create an exceptional product:

  • Merlet treats the sugarcane stalks as though they were vines. They are cut and their core is then pressed within three hours of harvest. 
  • Yeast is then added to the juice to start a 15-hour, fermentation process.
  • Three distillations then follow, from which only the heart of the distillate is used.
  • The spirit is then placed in XO French Cognac casks to mature for at least six months. These unique casks—made in and shipped from France’s Limousin region—give Leblon Cachaça its subtle sweet hints. 

In order to conquer the United States’ drinks market, the leading global market for premium spirits, Leblon needed a bottle truly worthy of its premium cachaça. The Brazilian brand selected Saverglass for its unique expertise in designing glass packaging.

The challenge:

Move up into a higher-value range

How could we exemplify Leblon Cachaça’s premium look while remaining faithful to how the spirit was envisioned by the Brazilian brand? To achieve this goal, Saverglass relied on the company’s in-depth understanding of premium bottle design.


The solution:

Combine an elegant shape with an engraved, colored glass design and decoration:

Saverglass first started working with Leblon by using its successful Ariane model—with a sleek shape and a thick glass base—as an inspiration. Leblon and Saverglass then worked together to develop a unique new bottle that focuses the product’s unique identity.
Saverglass then worked on numerous designs in order to create a sophisticated finished product for the brand, which include:

  • invoking Leblon’s beautiful beach and the scenery of Rio by creating a punt that is shaped like Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Sugarloaf Mountain;
  • creating a bespoke Select Colors® color (using a color feeder: will your customers know what this is?) to give the glass a subtle green color;
  • engraving the name of the Leblon brand vertically, along the length of the bottle. An extremely precise decoration technique was then used to decorate the engraved letters and the rest of the bottle’s surfaces. 
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The result:

A superb placement for the super-premium spirits market

Leblon Cachaça was launched very successfully on the U.S. market in 2007 and then in Brazil in 2009. It has won five gold medals at the San Francisco Global Spirits Awards. Through its collaboration with Saverglass, the Brazilian brand has strengthened its position in the super-premium spirits market and achieved its sales goals.

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