A Bottle "fallen from a 19th Century Sailor's pocket"

Plymouth Gin

Customer: Pernod Ricard Chivas Brothers

Brand: Plymouth Gin

Universe: Spirits

Category: Gin

Origin: World

Expertises: Glass creation, color feeder and engraving

Saverglass developed for Plymouth Gin an authentic bottle, a pledge of authenticity inspired by the archives of England's oldest Gin distillery.


Premium English Plymouth Gin

Considered one of England's leading premium gins, Plymouth is an authentic dry gin that has been awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status. It is produced exclusively in the city of Plymouth in southern England, by the oldest gin distillery that is still in operation in the country. The original recipe has remained unchanged since 1793.

In recent years, the increasing popularity of premium, gin-based cocktails—such as gin and tonic—among consumers has consistently attracted attention to the category, resulting in increased competition. In response, the English brand decided to reassert their presence by creating a bottle in line with the brand's values and history, replacing the art deco style of the previous packaging with an all-new design. 

The challenge: creating deliberately imperfect packaging

Creating deliberately imperfect packaging

A strategic shift towards refocusing Plymouth around its values of authenticity and heritage prompted the brand's owner—Pernod Ricard Chivas Brothers—to rethink the shape of its bottle. The group wanted an intentionally imperfect bottle to act as a reminder of both the category and the brand's history, as explained by Richard Baird, a designer involved in the project:

"We have woven together every thread of Plymouth's story and literally captured its spirit in an 'uneven' glass bottle that looks like it fell out of a 19th Century sailor's back pocket."

(Source: Bp&O.org)

The solution:

A premium contemporary bottle reflecting designs from times gone by.

In order to modernize the packaging while still maintaining the spirit of the brand, Plymouth Gin selected the agency Design Bridge to come up with a take that offers a new interpretation of the company's classic style. 

In particular, the bottle was inspired by the history of the Black Friar's Distillery. Built in 1431, the site is best known for being the last place the Founding Fathers stayed before setting sail on the Mayflower for the New World. 

Saverglass has created a unique bottle, staying true to the agency's vision. Its authentic shape and slightly hammered surface--which makes it seem like the glass has been weathered by time--ensures that the product stands out. 

The bottle is made using a custom shade of pale green tinted glass, reminiscent of bottles from times gone by. Saverglass focused on the engraving on the bottle: the fine, clearly legible lettering highlights the founding date of the company (1793) as well as the name of the distillery. 

The result:

A memorable design

Thanks to the new bottle, Plymouth gin has achieved its main objective: to stand out from its competitors thanks to a highly distinctive, recognizable design. The brand is now widely distributed to meet the growing demand from consumers, attracted to the quality of the product and the beautiful craftsmanship of this beautifully designed bottle.